What Are Bob Books About?

Favorites in the BOB Books Series

Each book in the series features a fun, simple story as well as bright illustrations, and there is a book set for any level your early reader is at, as well as extra practice for extra practice.

What does Bob Books stand for?

Bobby Lynn Maslen and her husband, John Maslen, created the Bob Books, which were first published in 1976. Bobby Lynn Maslen worked for nine years in cooperative preschool education before becoming a teacher of 3-5 year-olds at a private school in Portland, Oregon, where she created the Bob Books.

Why do Bob Books work?

Bob Books take a step-by-step approach to learning to read by focusing each set on a specific stage in the learning to read process; each book set gets a little longer and more complex, gradually increasing reading stamina.

Are Bob books good for reading?

These are really great little first readers; my 5-year-old loves them and they have really sparked his interest in reading! They are well illustrated and funny as well.

Do Bob Books teach phonics?

Bob Books is a true first reader series, with a clean layout, short words, and simple phonics that make learning to read a fun and natural step for a child who knows the alphabet.

Are Bob Books Montessori?

When Caspar was about three years old, I began looking for good Montessori first/early readers, and the Bob Books were the most highly recommended, with the first books focusing on phonetic, CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, similar to the Pink Series.

What grade are Bob Books for?

Each book in the series features a fun, simple story as well as bright illustrations to turn your child into an avid reader. A go-to for kids in preschool to second grade (and a great way to get your child ready for kindergarten), each book in the series is a go-to for kids in preschool to second grade (and a great way to get your child ready for kindergarten).

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What’s next after Bob Books?

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is a classic and general crowd pleaser to read after BOB books; other books on this level include:

  • The Ear Book.
  • Go, Dog, Go.
  • Inside Outside Upside Down.
  • Pete the Cat and the Surprise Teacher.
  • Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach.
  • Pete the Cat: Too Cool for School.
  • Pete the Cat: Too Cool for School.

Are Bob Books Decodable?

BOB Books are decodable readers, which means the author selects a phonics feature and controls the words that use that feature. BOB Books begin with simple texts, such as those found in Set 1, and focus on letter sounds and word families.

What are Level 1 reading books?

Is the vocabulary appropriate? Your child’s books should contain simple vocabulary words that are repeated throughout the story, and they should be labeled “Level 1” or higher on the cover. A Level 1 book is usually appropriate for ages 3 to 6, and a Level 2 book is usually appropriate for ages 4 to 8.

How many Bob books are there?

Paperback u2013 January 1, 2015. Complete Set of Bob Books, Sets 1-5 ( 42 books )

Are Bob Books leveled?

Books are color-coded levels, and each book is labeled with the Guided Reading Level, making it simple to select books for your child based on their reading ability.

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