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The town’s physician, Hippo, is known for his health advice. Jealous Jackal wants everything that everyone else has. Moody Moose is emotional, smiling one minute and crying the next. Outraged Octopus is not afraid to put an end to bad things in town. Turtle throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way.

Books in the series

Sweet Pickles is a fictional town with animal residents whose misadventures teach children basic values, ethics, and social skills through a variety of techniques, including comedy, music, story-telling, and active play. There was one book for each of the 26 Sweet Pickles characters. Nasty Nightingale is a mean character who upsets and hurts everyone she meets.

Additional Weekly Reader books

Five new titles for young readers were included in this week’s Newsquiz: A Bad Break, The Grand Prize, Robot S.P.3, and Wet Paint, as well as 14 additional Weekly Reader books to commemorate the start of the 2016 Children’s Book of the Year series.

Avon Books and products

Avon Pick a Pack of Sweet Pickles Puzzles (a pack of puzzles) Avon Accusing Alligator Bubble Bath Avon Loving Lion Non-Tear Shampoo Avon Outraged Octopus Toothbrush Holder and 2 Toothbrushes Avon Outraged Octopus Toothbrush Holder and 2 Toothbrushes Avon Outraged Octopus Toothbrush Holder and 2 Toothbrushes Avon Outraged Octopus Toothbrush Holder and 2 Toothbrush

Related items and books

“Goof-Off Goose’s Dinner Party,” a scratch-and-sniff book published by Random House. “Sweet Pickles Activity Bus – Preschool Program,” a green plastic bus filled with 5 u00d7 7 cards describing activities for preschoolers. Plush stuffed animals of various Sweet Pickles characters.

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What year did sweet pickles come out?

The books, which were published in 1977 and went out of print in the mid-1990s, are about anthropomorphic animals with different personalities and behavior who live in the fictional town of Sweet Pickles. There are 26 animalsu2014one for each letter of the alphabet.

Who wrote the Sweet Pickles books?

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