Readers ask: What Review Books Are Best For Aps?

The 5 Best AP Statistics Review Books to Prep for the Exam

If you’re studying for the AP Statistics exam, a prep book can be a valuable resource. Here, we go over the top five AP Statistics review books available, as well as recommendations for who each one is best for and what to look for in an AP Statistics book.

What to Look For in an AP Statistics Book

A good prep book has four characteristics: quality, relevance, portability, and value.

#1: Tips and Strategies for the Exam

A good AP Statistics review book will provide explanations and advice for how to approach each question type, allowing you to study more productively and quickly than you would without one, and it will show you the best way to answer questions without having to rely on trial-and-error.

#2: High-Quality Practice Problems

High-quality prep books will contain dozens of practice questions covering each section and question type of the exam, allowing you to become familiar with the types of questions you’ll encounter on the AP Stats exam.

#3: Complete Practice Tests

Full-length practice tests are included in the best AP Statistics prep books to help you prepare for the exam. By taking practice tests, you’ll get an idea of how well you’ll score on the AP Statistics exam and be prepared for the format and length of the test.

#4: In-Depth Answer Explanations

Even if a book has excellent practice questions, you won’t get as much out of it if the answers aren’t explained well, so you can learn from your mistakes and understand why the correct answer is what it is.

The Best AP Statistics Review Books

We’ve chosen five of the best AP Statistics prep books to help you prepare for the exam, and we’ve included the price, a brief summary, pros and cons, and who the book will be most useful for in this section.


This book covers difficult statistics concepts and prepares you for the toughest questions on the exam, with a diagnostic test to see how well you’re doing, six practice tests with answer explanations, and access to three online tests, as well as several mini quizzes on the major topics covered in each unit.

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If you want a lot of practice tests, this is a good buy. The book is well-organized, making it simple to study a specific topic. The practice problems are high-quality and similar to official AP Statistics questions. It covers tough questions and topics that many review books overlook.

Who It’s Best For

Barron’s book is best for students who want to do well on the AP exam because it skips over a lot of basic statistics knowledge in order to focus on more difficult concepts. Barron’s practice tests are slightly more difficult than the actual AP exam, so if you can do well on these practice tests, you’re in good shape.


The Princeton Review’s book includes four complete practice tests, with the majority of the book devoted to reviewing the content for the AP Statistics exam, as well as tips on how to approach different types of questions you’ll see on the exam and how to use your calculator most effectively.


Written in an easy-to-understand, engaging style, the content review chapters are organized into very specific topics, making it easy to find exactly what information you want to review. Breaks down statistics problems step-by-step to make them easier to understand.


Because they are written in a different style and contain fewer test-theory questions, their practice questions are easier than actual AP Stats questions.

Who It’s Best For

The Princeton Review’s books are known for their engaging and accessible style, and this book spends a lot of time breaking down and explaining key statistics concepts; it’s best for students who are just getting started with their AP prep and/or who want to brush up on their stats knowledge.


The 5 Steps to a 5 book is designed to guide you through your AP Statistics plan from beginning to end, with three paper practice tests and three online tests, as well as additional online resources such as online lessons, practice problems, and ways to track your progress.

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Has extensive online resources with which you can develop a personalized study plan, study online flashcards, and answer practice problems, all of which are available on your phone.

Who It’s Best For

Our one-on-one online AP tutoring services can help you prepare for your AP exams, and the 5 Steps to a 5 prep book is a good middle-of-the-road option. With your access code, you can create your own complete study plan.

Which AP review book is best?

The Best American History Textbooks for AP

  • Editor’s Choice. Cracking the AP US History Exam. 2022 Edition.
  • AP US History Crash Course. 5th Edition. by Larry Krieger.
  • 5 Steps To A 5: AP US History. 2020 Edition. by Daniel P.
  • Barron’s AP US History. 4th Edition.
  • Editor’s Choice. Barron’s AP US History Flashcards.

Is Barron’s or Princeton Review better for AP?

Though it varies from test to test, Princeton Review appears to offer more practice tests on average than Barron’s. In short, we don’t think you can go wrong with either company’s AP exam prep books, but we give the nod to Princeton Review in the AP category.

Do AP review books help?

In this article, I’ll go over the best books to use for studying AP World History and how to pick one that will provide you with the tools you need to ace the test.

Is Princeton Review Good for AP?

Princeton Review Tips: Princeton Review is by far the best prep book for AP Chemistry; however, don’t be put off by the practice exams; they are much more difficult than the real thing, but they are quite didactic (there’s an SAT word for you).

Can I self-study AP Calculus AB?

However, you should not attempt to self-study for AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, or any of the AP Physics exams, regardless of your situation or background knowledge.

Should I Self-Study AP Chem?

AP Chemistry is one of the more difficult courses to take, especially for self-study; however, if you really wanted to, you could do it with hard work, the right resources, and dedication.

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Is Princeton Review better than Barrons?

The Princeton Review (which now offers discounts of up to $300 on certain courses) is clearly the winner, with more modern, high-quality courses and strong guarantees; however, Barron’s has some interesting offers as well (especially when it comes to prep textbooks), and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Are Barron’s AP books harder?

If you’re looking for practice problems, this book’s questions are more difficult than the others and even more difficult than the AP test, which can be helpful in better preparing you, but can be discouraging if it becomes too difficult for you.

Is AP Stat easy to self study?

In general, AP Statistics is an average-difficulty AP class, and it is likely the easiest of the AP math classes.

What are the best AP classes to self study?

The Easiest AP Classes to Study on Your Own

  • Computer Science Principles, Psychology, and Environmental Science are the easiest AP classes to self-study. US Government and Politics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Computer Science A are also rated relatively easy to self-study.

What happens if you fail an AP exam?

Basically, failing an AP exam has no consequences; whether you get a passing or failing AP exam grade, you can still attend college because colleges do not use the AP exam as the sole criterion for admitting or rejecting students. Additionally, taking an AP exam costs money.

How many hours should I study for AP exams?

The amount of time you spend studying for AP tests each week will vary depending on how much material you need to review and how comfortable you are with the format of the exam questions; however, you should plan on studying for several hours per week, split into two or three sessions.

How can I pass an AP test without taking the class?

You should study the skills and content outlined in the course and exam description for your subject, which you can find on the specific course page, to prepare for the exam without taking the course.

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