Readers ask: What Level Are The Imagination Station Books?

Adventures in Odyssey The Imagination Station ®

Join Beth and Patrick as they travel through time to complete important missions. Includes the three books: #1: Voyage with the Vikings, #2: Attack at the Arena, and #3: A Silver Cup for Monk. Patrick and Beth are sent back in time to China in 1271, where they must find the golden tablet of Kublai Khan to save Mr. Whittaker’s friend Albert.

Should I read Imagination Station books in order?

This series is not only entertaining, but it also inspires children’s imagination and teaches them about world history and time periods they might not otherwise be aware of. I will say, however, that they do need to be read in order.

Who wrote the Imagination Station?

Our curriculum, which is appropriate for children aged six weeks and up, allows children to learn through play, with activities that change daily, but there is always something new and exciting to learn in the classroom.

Are Imagination Station Books religious?

The Imagination Station series is not new in terms of chapter book series fiction, but what sets it apart from many of its contemporaries is its Christian worldview, as many of the historical figures they meet are Christians.

How many Imagination Station books are there?

Kindle Edition of AIO Imagination Station Books (27 book series).

How many imagination stations are there?

( 27 Books ) The Imagination Station Book Series

What is Imagination Station?

The Imagination Station (formerly the Center of Science and Industry (COSI)) is a non-profit, hands-on science museum with over 300 exhibits for “children of all ages” on the Maumee riverfront in downtown Toledo, Ohio.

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How many Metroparks are in Toledo Ohio?

Metroparks Toledo promotes conservation and restoration, encourages active lifestyles, and nurtures lifelong learning and an appreciation for natural resources through its 19 parks, special use areas, regional trails connecting parks, a water trail, and two new parks in development.

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