Readers ask: What Are The Books That Sarh Weeks Wrote?

Sarah Weeks

Sarah Weeks is a children’s book author best known for her novel So B. It, which won several juvenile literature awards, including the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Book Award and the William Allen White Children’s Book Award in 2007.


Sarah Weeks was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and grew up in New York City, where she enjoyed playing music and writing as a child. She has two sons, Gabriel and Nathaniel, both of whom are active members of their church.

Selected works

Guy Time, Get Well Soon or Else! Fink’s Funk! Other Tripping Over the Lunch Lady, and Other School Stories are among Oggie Cooder’s books; James Warhola illustrated The Little Factory, Hurricane City, and My Guy Boyds Will Be Boyds.

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Sarah Weeks at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, with 50 catalog records. Children’s literature portal. Retrieved from “”.

Why did Sarah Weeks write pie?

Despite the prominence of pie in Pie, the author says, “It was not my intention to write a book about pie, but to write about gratitude. I have a huge amount to be grateful for.” Weeks grew up baking with her mother, and she bakes for her own family.

What is Sarah Weeks known for?

Ms. Weeks is a well-known author of Early Readers, Picture Books, Chapter Books, and Novels. Her New York Times best-selling Young Adult novel, SO B. IT, was awarded the 2004 Parents Choice Gold Medal and is now a full-length feature film starring Alfre Woodard and Talitha Bateman.

Where does Sarah Weeks live now?

Sarah, who has two grown sons and lives in New York City, is a tireless promoter who visits schools across the country, talking to children about writing, reading her books, singing her songs, serving as author-in-residence, and speaking to teachers and librarians at national conferences such as IRA, ALA, and NCTE.

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Is Pie by Sarah Weeks a movie?

SARAH WEEKS is the author of more than sixty books for children, including the best-selling novels Pie, Save Me a Seat, and So B. It, which has been adapted into a feature film.

Where did Sarah Weeks go to college?

Heidi (Talitha Bateman) lives with her intellectually disabled mother, Mama (Jessica Collins), whom she cares for with the help of her agoraphobic neighbor, Bernadette (Alfre Woodard), as she travels alone in search of her family history.

Is there a Save me a seat movie?

Save Me a Seat, a novel, and Glamourpuss, a picture book illustrated by David Small are two of her most recent contributions. It is now a feature-length film directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal.

When did Sarah Weeks write her first book?

Sarah Weeks began a new career in the early 1990s when she wrote her first children’s book, Sidelights, after working as a singer and songwriter in New York.

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