Readers ask: What Are The Books In Sacket Series?

The Sacketts Series

Louis L’Amour tells the story of Orrin Sackett in Ride the River, and Nolan Sackett in Mustang Man; Trouble was pursuing Flagan Sackett with a vengeance. How do you bring a million dollars in gold down a trail? Tell Sackett boys weren’t out to make a name for themselves.

What order should I read the Sackett series?

In no particular order, here are my TOTALLY ACCURATE RANKINGS OF THE SACKETT BOOKS.

  1. Jubal Sackett u2013 book 4, 1985.
  2. Lonely on the Mountain u2013 book 17, 1980.
  3. Galloway u2013 book 14, 1970.
  4. The Sackett Brand u2013 book 10, 1965.
  5. Sackett u2013 book 8, 1961.
  6. Sackett’s Land u2013 book 1, 1974.

How many Sackett novels are there?

Kindle Edition of the Sacketts (17-book series).

Is there a sequel to Jubal Sackett?

Buy Me! In 1959, Louis L’Amour published The Daybreakers, his first novel about his fictional Sackett family.

What is the first Louis L’Amour book?

Westward The Tide, published by World’s Work in 1951, was L’Amour’s first novel under his own name.

Are the Sacketts a real family?

The Sackett family is a fictional American family who appears in a number of American writer Louis L’Amour’s western novels, short stories, and historical novels.

What does Sackett mean?

1 Scottish: a small sack or wallet; 2 Scottish: a small person, particularly one who is rascally or foolish.

What nationality is Sackett?

Sackett (or Sacket) is a surname that originated on the Isle of Thanet in Kent, most likely at Sackett’s Hill in the parish of St Peter in Thanet (now Broadstairs and St Peter’s).

Who was tell sacketts father?

Colborn “Collie” Sackett is the husband of Mary Ann Sackett and the father of Tell, Orrin, Tyrel, Bob, and Joe Sackett, as well as the brother of Echo and Ethan Sackett. He, like his wife, is never named in the books, only appearing in The Sackett Companion, and his sons have always referred to him as “Pa.”

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Who is Echo Sackett?

Echo Sackett is the only female member of the Sackett clan to tell a story. She is the aunt of Tell, Orrin, and Tyrel. He is a rougher man than Orrin or Tyrel, but he is still a decent man. He comes to the aid of his aunt, Emily Talon.

Who wrote the Sacketts?

The story follows the three Sackett brothers as they travel west from their Tennessee home, with the oldest, Tell, prospecting for gold and the two younger brothers, Orin and Tye, herding cattle and helping to bring order to a racially divided Santa Fe.

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