Readers ask: What Age Is Hunger Books Games For?

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Katniss Everdeen is not a book for middle schoolers; it’s heavy on “kill or be killed” and light on other human qualities, so my 11-year-old won’t read it or see the PG-13 film until he’s 13.

Is The Hunger Games ok for 12 year olds?

The visceral, sometimes bloody teen-on-teen violence in the film may be upsetting to 10- to 12-year-olds who have read the book, especially the brutal scene that opens the Games, in which several teens are slaughtered by their fellow contestants.

Is Hunger Games OK for 7 year old?

Despite the clearly violent nature of the story, The Hunger Games has a PG-13 rating, and research shows that 12% of parents of 10- to 14-year-olds allow their children to watch R-rated violent films.

Is there nudity in The Hunger Games book?

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire contains some partial nudity and low-level sexual activity, such as Katniss and Peeta kissing and hugging passionately, and Peeta and Katniss (fully clothed) lying in bed together in several scenes.

Should my 11 year old read the Hunger Games?

Parents’ concerns about The Hunger Games center on violence, which the book contains in abundance and is graphic at times. Unlike cartoons and video games, the violence in Hunger Games has emotional and physical consequences.

What books should a 12 year old read?

2021’s Best Books for 12-Year-Olds

  1. The Girl Who Drank the Moon. For Magic Lovers.
  2. Percy Jackson Series. An Addictive Supernatural Series.
  3. Up for Air. Perfect for Swimmers.
  4. Harry Potter Series. A Staple for All.
  5. Mostly the Honest Truth.
  6. Track Series.
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Why is The Hunger Games a banned book?

The Hunger Games is a popular dystopian YA novel that follows Katniss Everdeen’s story. It has been “banned due to insensitivity, offensive language, anti-family, anti-ethic, and occult content,” with “inserted religious views” being added to the list in 2014.

Is Hunger Games Movie OK for 8 year old?

Despite the clearly violent nature of the story, The Hunger Games is rated PG-13, and bloggers are talking about taking their 8- to 13-year-olds to see it and finding a theater full of “tweens.” One described it as a young teenaged girls’ Star Wars.

Is The Hunger Games rated R?

Producer Nina Jacobson told Entertainment Weekly that none of the Hunger Games films will ever be rated R.

Is the hunger games hard to read?

There’s nothing profound here, and the first chapter or two of book one felt a little slow, but it picks up quickly and is a fun series to read. A young adult novel like this isn’t meant to challenge you on a deep level, but that doesn’t make it a bad read by any means.

Is Catching Fire inappropriate?

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the second installment in the Hunger Games trilogy, and while the book series is extremely popular among tweens and even younger elementary-school readers, the film adaptation may be too dark and violent for even mature tween readers.

Which Hunger Games book is the most violent?

The Most Violent ‘Hunger Games’ So Far Is ‘Mockingjayu2014Part 1’

Why is The Hunger Games rated R?

“‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some frightening images, thematic elements, a suggestive situation, and language,” according to the descriptor accompanying the film’s rating.

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