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Du011bj se soustu0159eu010fuje na asociu00e1lnu00edho majitele londu00e9ho antikvariu00e1tu Bernarda Blacka, kteru00fd nesnu00e1u0161u00ed lidi, nerad produ00e1vu00e1. Pochu00e1zu00ed


Obu010das se pro nu011bco nadchne, vyhu00e1nu00ed je, odpuzuje svu00fdm vulgu00e1rnu00edm chovu00e1nu00edm, zavu00edru00e1 obchod, kdy se mu to hodu00ed


Bernardovu011b knihkupectvu00ed Black Books bydlu00ed v podnu00e1jmu u panu00e9 Hanleyovu00e9. Bernard je nepou0159u00e1dnu00fd au017e tou poslednu00ed vu011bcu00ed.

České znění

Vu00fdroba dabingu zau010dala na konci roku 2009, jeu0161tu011b ve skupinu011b Perla Group. Seriu00e1lu byl uveden bez u010desku00e9ho dabingu, pouze v anglicku00e9m znu011bnu00ed s

Řady a díly

Seznam byd u00fdbuznu00ed (Blood) i Mannyho prvnu00ed den (Manny’s First Day). Podrobnu011bju0161u00ed informace naleznete v u010dlu00e1nku Seznam byd u00fdbuznu00ed (Blood) i Mannyho pr


u0161ablona oznau010denu00e1 je zde pouu017eita u0161ablona oznau010denu00e1 jako k pouze dou010dasnu00e9mu pouu0161itu00ed (anglicky) Black Books, su00e9rie 1, epizoda 2: Mannyho prvnu00

What is the thing in black books?

The Thing is an unidentified, mysterious creature that lives under Bernard Black’s bed and is allegedly controlled by Bernard and Manny Bianco by feeding it bananas every night.

What happened to black books?

According to Digital Spy, the Channel 4 sitcom’s creator and star Dylan Moran has confirmed that the dark British comedy will not be returning. Black Books was created by Moran and Graham Linehan in 2000 and ran for three seasons before ending in 2004.

How many episodes of black books are there?

Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, Tamsin Greig, and Simon Pegg star in 18 episodes (3 series) from 2000 to 2004.

How do I watch black books?

How to Watch Black Books: You can rent or buy Black Books on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and iTunes, and you can watch it for free on Crackle, Plex, and Tubi.

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Does Netflix have black books?

On Sept. 1, Netflix and the Netflix Jr. YouTube channel will launch a collection of 12 five-minute live-action videos, along with additional book recommendations, resource guides, and videos at

What happened to Frans shop black books?

Fran was forced to close the shop between 2000 and 2002, presumably due to low income, and she suffered from depression as a result. Despite her hatred for the shop, she claimed to feel empty inside and became bored; however, she soon recovered.

Is black books a real shop?

The bookshop’s fictional address is Black Books, 13 Little Bevan Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1. The exterior scenes of the bookshop were shot outside a real bookshop called Collinge and Clark, which is located at 13 Leigh Street in Bloomsbury.

How do I not live my life?

How Not to Live Your Life (styled “how NOT to live your life” in the opening credits) is a British sitcom written by and starring Dan Clark that aired on BBC Three between September 27, 2007 and December 22, 2011, about a pessimistic twenty-nine-year-old man trying to navigate his way through life but failing miserably.

Who is Dylan Morans wife?

Dylan Moran based Bernard on a real bookshop owner he met in Dublin.

Is black books on BritBox?

Black Books S1 is a bizarre comedy starring Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey that won a Bafta award.

What channel is black books on?

Channel 4 will broadcast the BAFTA-winning comedy game show.

Is Black books on Prime?

Black Books is available on Prime Video.

Is black books on Acorn?

Acorn is the only place in the United States to stream the third series of “Detectorists,” and it specializes in programs “from Britain and beyond.” It has classics like “Foyle’s War” and Agatha Christie’s Marple and Poirot series (the latter starring David Suchet).

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Who streams black books?

Season 1 of Black Books is now available on Prime Video.

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