Quick Answer: What Makes The Kingkiller Books So Good?

What Is ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’? A Guide to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Fantasy Project

The Kingkiller Chronicle is a series of books written by Patrick Rothfuss, who will also serve as the creative director for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new musical, Hamilton. The first two books take place in one day; the rest are episodic. Author Philip Rothfuss’ first two novels were bestsellers, and George R.R. Martin is a fan.

Are the Kingkiller chronicles good?

The narration and harsh realities of Kvothe’s life dazzled me and pulled me in when I thought I couldn’t possibly enjoy such a mundane story (trust me, Kvothe’s life is anything but mundane). Book 1 of the Kingkiller Chronicles is by far one of the best written books I’ve ever read.

Why do people like Kingkiller Chronicles?

Fairy-tale novels are like reading a Yeats poem in that they’re strange, dreamlike, and beautiful, and you have to go back and reread some passages because you’ve never seen words put together quite like that before, and they also have a plot in which characters wander around and do strange things and come across beautiful things.

Why you should read Kingkiller Chronicles?

If you like fantasy, it’s one of the must-reads in my opinion. I enjoyed the series a lot, but we’re still waiting for Heart of Stone (book 3) and nothing has been released yet. That being said, the series really embodies the fantasy genre in my opinion, so I do recommend it. His prose is amazing, and his story is entertaining.

What makes name of the wind so good?

10: Patrick Rothfuss I believe another reason The Name of the Wind resonates is because of the author himself: Rothfuss is a genial, good-natured individual who has gone out of his way to be there for his fans, to talk with them and tell them stories, and to share his life and the stories of his life when he wants to.

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Who wrote the Kingkiller Chronicles?

Discover Patrick Rothfuss’ epic fantasy series, The Kingkiller Chronicle, which has sold over one million copies and is #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Is Kvothe a bad character?

Every other novel shows the protagonist hating his fame, but Kvothe has wonderful character details and shows what a young, talented boy with power will do.

Is there any romance in the name of the wind?

Yes, there is a romance subplot in The Kingkiller Chronicles, which revolves around Denna, a homeless girl who will become Kvothe’s main romantic interest. So yes, if you’re looking for a fantasy story with a hint of romance, this series is for you.

Why is it called Kingkiller?

The Song of Flame and Thunder was the working title when Rothfuss began writing the series in 1994; the name was changed because he disliked it and to avoid confusion with George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Is the Kingkiller chronicles good Reddit?

The prose is noticeably better than most fantasy (you can tell it’s been meticulously polished and that every word has a purpose), and the worldbuilding and characters are excellent.

Is the name of the wind easy to read?

The good thing about Name of the Wind is that it has multiple levels; it is very easy to read, but each time you read it again, you discover new layers. It started VERY slowly for me; the series can be boring and tedious at times, and it takes a long time to fully develop.

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Is the name of the wind appropriate?

The first book (The Name of the Wind) is definitely appropriate for this age group, and the second book (Felurian) contains at least one sexual scene, but it is written vaguely and isn’t very graphic.

Is name of the wind a classic?

THE NAME OF THE WIND is a masterpiece that transports the reader to the interior of a wizard’s mind and to the world that helped create him. It is the story of a legendary hero and the truth that lies behind his legend, and it is told in classic high fantasy style.

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