Quick Answer: What Does Signature Series Mean On Comic Books?

CGC Labels

A Qualified label is applied to collectibles with a significant defect that requires specific description; CGC may accept signed collectibles directly from the signer/publisher. A No Grade label is applied to comics that are missing the entire cover, or one half or more of the interior pages.

Are CGC Signature Series worth more?

Why it might increase in value: A signed book that has been authenticated by the CGC is more valuable than a signed book that has not been authenticated, because the CGC guarantees that the book was signed by the signer.

Are Signed comics worth anything?

In conclusion, autographs can significantly increase the value of your comic book, especially if it is graded by a company like CGC. Newer comic books signed by the creator can see a significant increase in value, especially if they are graded by a company like CGC.

How much value does a signature add to a comic?

If it’s on a major comic book, it can increase the book’s value by a significant amount, anywhere from 15% to 30%.

Will CGC grade a signed comic book?

If a book is signed without the presence of an NGC UK or a CGC authorized representative witness, it will be given a Qualified label (green) and a Qualified grade.

Who has the most valuable signature?

George Washington, the first president of the United States, has one of the most valuable autographs in the world: his signature on his own copy of the Constitution, the First Congress, and the Bill of Rights is the most valuable autograph ever sold.

How does CGC signature Series work?

Collectors can have their comic books, magazines, posters, and prints signed by artists and creators in the presence of a CGC representative, ensuring the signature’s authenticity and qualifying the collectible for the iconic CGC Signature Series yellow label.

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Are comic books worth buying?

Modern comic books are fun to collect and read, but if you want to make a long-term investment out of a portion of your collection, look for investment-grade books. In our example, most Modern Age comic books will need to be a 9.8 to meet the investment-grade criteria.

Can you press a signed comic?

Yes, you can clean and press signed comics.

How much does an autograph increase value?

Since WWII, the highest-quality documents have averaged an annualized return of more than 10% per year, and even a simple autograph has grown at a rate of more than 9% per year over the last 50 years, putting historical documents on par with the value-weighted stock market.

How much does Neal Adams charge for a signature?

Expect to pay between $50 and $60 per signature. Expect to pay between $50 and $60 per signature.

How do you get Todd McFarlane autograph?

Customers will send their books directly to CGC, making it the most efficient way to get comics signed. Todd will sign all books at the CGC facility for an $89 signing fee, which includes an expedited grading turnaround time. Books must be received by CGC by December 9th, 2019.

Does CGC accept COA?

#ProTip: It doesn’t matter if the signed comic comes with an official C.O.A.; it’ll still get the Qualified Label.

Can you open CGC comics?

Can a CGC Case be Opened? Yes, but only if the case is not damaged, in which case the grade and any certified signatures or markings on the book (if applicable) become invalid.

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Is CGC better than Cbcs?

CGC vs. CBCS: Which Is Better? While CBCS’ fees are slightly lower than CGC’s, and its turnaround times are sometimes much faster, you should submit your comics to CGC, not CBCS, for modern books (post-1974), as CGC modern books hold their value in the marketplace much better.

How do I submit a signed comic to CGC?

How to Make a Submission to CGC

  1. Join as a paid member to get full submission privileges as well as other great benefits like 24/7 online tracking, free grader notes for your submissions, and more.
  2. Select Your Services.
  3. Fill Out a Submission Form.
  4. Package and Ship Your Collectibles.

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