Quick Answer: What Box To Return Chegg Books In?

How To Return Chegg Books? Best Full Guide [2021]

Chegg is an online learning and education services portal that offers everything from textbook rentals to expert assignment help. Chegg’s providers are numerous, and the variety of options can be overwhelming. However, given the current shift in online learning, its sources are more useful than ever.
You can return your books to people for free if you use UPS, but there is a different policy for electronic textbooks and digital books. It can take up to two weeks for UPS to process your books once you drop them off at the delivery carrier. Chegg has a fairly straightforward return policy. If you don’t like the textbook you leased from Chegg or chose the wrong reader, you can return it.

Where do I drop off my Chegg books?

If you can’t return your books using Neighborhood Parcel, you’ll be responsible for any shipping fees back to Chegg. Drop it off at your nearest UPS store on or before your due date! Using UPS allows you to return your books to us for free. You can use this prepaid return label to ship your books back via UPS.

Do I have to return Chegg books to FedEx?

“Please do not return them using FedEx. Your label is for UPS.” Chegg Help on Twitter: “@Annabell_Bivens Please do not return them using FedEx. Your label is for UPS. It is okay to return your books Tuesday.”

How do I return a Chegg ebook?

Sign in to Chegg and go to your Account to view the ‘Access until’ information for each of your eTextbooks. There are no steps you need to take to return an eTextbook; your eTextbook access will automatically expire at the date and time indicated under the My Account section.

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Does Chegg deliver to PO boxes?

Shipping takes 1u201310 business days depending on the shipping option selected, where the book is coming from, and where it is going; only standard shipping is available for P.O. boxes.

Can I get a Chegg refund?

You will receive an automatic refund for the amount you were charged for your annual Chegg Study subscription within 5 business days, and the funds will be returned to your original method of payment.

Did Chegg switch FedEx?

30. Despite Chegg’s efforts to transform into a digital-first company, it will leave Ingram for FedEx, which has a larger delivery operation and can deliver packages to most students faster.

Can you return multiple Chegg books in one box?

You can return your book in any clean boxu2014as long as your shipping carrier accepts it, so will we! Books that you want to return can be sent in one box to save money! (There’s no need to package each book separately.)

Is Chegg legit?

So, is Chegg safe to buy or rent textbooks from? Yes, Chegg is a respectable and trustworthy vendor to buy or rent textbooks from. If Chegg appears on our site as the vendor with the best deals on textbook rentals and purchases, buy away u2013 Chegg is totally legit when it comes to cheap textbooks.

Can I cancel Chegg and get refund?

According to Chegg’s Digital Return Policy, if you’re not satisfied with any digital book you rented or purchased from them, or if you canceled a class you didn’t need, you can return it within the first 14 days and receive a full refund.

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How does renting books on Chegg work?

If you were charged the purchase price but still want to return the book, you must return the book within 7 days of being charged for a refund of the purchase fee. If you decide to keep a book, it will never cost more than the purchase price.

How does renting ebooks on Chegg work?

Thanks to their linked table of contents, eTextbooks are easy to browse and navigate, and they’re available right away from your Chegg account, so you won’t have to wait for your books to arrive by mail.

What mail carrier does chegg use?

FedEx, UPS, and DHL are examples of package delivery services | Chegg.com.

Does chegg give you a book while you wait?

Courtesy eTextbooks are available only when you order a physical book from Chegg, and they give you access to an e-version of your textbook for seven days while you wait for your physical book to arrive.

How many questions can you post on Chegg?

You’ll get more questions to ask on your renewal date, but you can always buy more if you run out. You’ll get 20 questions to ask per month to be answered to help out, and you’ll also get 5 textbook solutions per 30 days to help with your course needs. You’ll get more questions to ask on your renewal date, but you can always buy more if you run out.

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