Quick Answer: What Books Do You Need For Bible School?

10 Books to Start Your Bible Education

The Moody Bible Commentary, written exclusively by faculty at Moody Bible Institute, which has been rigorously teaching God’s Word since 1886, will help you better understand and apply God’s written revelation to all of life. Walk through the entire Bible with insights from well-respected professors.

2) Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Nelson’s Bible Dictionaries offer definitions, facts, and maps to help you better understand God’s Word. Each edition includes a Visual Survey of the Bible, which depicts historical events in an easy-to-understand manner. Select words directly from your Bible text, and Nelson’s provides helpful definitions and facts.

3) NIV Word Study Bible with G/K and Strong’s Numbers

Word Study Bibles include a Strong’s concordance with the Greek or Hebrew word and its definition, as well as a Strong’s concordance with the Greek or Hebrew word and its definition. Prefer a different translation? We have multiple versions of our Strong’s Tagged Bibles.

4) God is Love

Because of its conversational nature and structure, Bray’s book is ideal for a beginner. Instead of tackling large theological issues, Bray finds ways to incorporate theological distinctions within one topic. Nervous about studying theology? Check out #8 on this list!

5) Greg Laurie 15 Volume Collection

Greg Laurie is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, which is one of the country’s largest churches. This collection includes 15 of Laurie’s books, including Married. Happily., Dealing with Giants, Following Jesus in a Modern World, and others.

6) Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, Vol I & II

Calvin’s Institutes are among the most important Christian theological texts in history, and this translation maintains the strength and vividness of Calvin’s writing while also conforming to modern English, rendering heavy theological terms in simple language and plain English.

7) Apologetics for the Twenty-first Century

Louis Markos examines the history of apologetics, following figures such as C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, Francis Schaeffer, and others, to teach you how to think logically and make your own arguments for the existence of God, the historical Jesus, and confronting post-modernism.

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8) A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology

This book provides an introduction to the relevance of theology as well as the skills, attitudes, and spiritual practices required of those who pursue the discipline. As you begin your Bible education, make sure you lay the groundwork properly, and this book by Kelly Kapic is a great place to start.

9) Visual Theology

The Olive Tree Bible App is available now on iTunes and Android, and it is the only company offering it in a digital format. With beautiful illustrations and flowcharts, you can learn theology easily from your device. Visit our webpage listing of this product for a chance to look inside!

10) Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith

Reeves explains our God’s most important feature: His triune nature, which is the crux of what distinguishes our God from other gods and makes salvation possible.


Let us know in the comments below which book you’d like to see added to our list of the 100 best-selling books of 2015, and we’ll include it in next week’s edition of The Great British Library.

What is the best book of the Bible to start studying?

The Gospel of Luke is the most thorough of the 15 books listed above, but the Gospel of Mark also presents the Good News of Jesus Christ. Any of the first three Gospels in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, or Luke) will give you the same main point of the Bible.

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What do I need for Bible study?

5 Crucial Tools for Individual Bible Study

  • Bible Dictionary. Using a Bible Dictionary (Vine’s is popular) or even a regular English dictionary to ensure you understand what you’re reading is crucial.
  • Concordance.
  • Bible Atlas.
  • Commentary.

What books help you study the Bible?

The best Bible-related books

  • John Barton’s A History of the Bible. Raymond E Brown’s An Introduction to the New Testament. Geza Vermes’s Jesus the Jew: a Historian’s Reading of the Gospels.

What book of the Bible should a child read first?

For almost all children, I recommend starting with Mark’s gospel because it is short, sweet, and to the point. LUKE: The longest gospel, but also a good combination of action and teaching, and it connects seamlessly with Acts, so it would be my second choice for “where to start.”

How do beginners read the Bible?

For Beginners: How to Read and Understand the Bible (Essential Guide)

  1. Read the Bible in Context. Book Genres

How should a beginner study the Bible?

Beginners and experts alike will benefit from these 13 Bible Study Tips.

  1. Get the right Bible.
  2. Don’t be afraid to write in your Bible.
  3. Start small.
  4. Schedule Bible study.
  5. Get your stuff together.
  6. Pray before studying.
  7. Avoid rules.

What is the SOAP method of Bible study?

The S.O.A.P method of Bible study (for individuals or small groups) does not require a theology degree or special leadership skills. It stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. It is a way of getting more out of your time in God’s Word.

How do you read the Bible effectively?

How to Read the Bible: 6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of God’s Word

  1. Start with a Verse.
  2. Use a Devotional.
  3. Chunk it Up!
  4. Use SOAP!
  5. Ask God for Directions!
  6. Consider struggles, celebrations, and prayers!
  7. Start with Just a Verse.
  8. Use SOAP!

What is the best way to learn the Bible?

11 Methods and Techniques for Studying the Bible

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What book of the Bible should I read to get closer to God?

Psalms is the right book for you if you’re looking for encouragement, light in the dark, promises of God’s protection, or assurance of God’s presence. Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is one of the most famous.

Where in the Bible should I start reading?

The Gospel of Matthew is the first book of the New Testament, and many people begin reading it when they begin reading the New Testament but have little knowledge of it.

What is the Bible in kids terms?

The Bible, also known as the Holy Bible, is a collection of religious texts from Judaism and Christianity that includes laws, stories, prayers, songs, and wise words. The word Bible comes from the Greek word (bibla), which means “books” in English, because it is a collection of many books in one book.

What book of the Bible should I read for anxiety?

This book really helped me get through my dark moments and made me embrace who I am. Other people will come and go, but God will never leave you. Proverbs 12:25 says, “Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad” (NKJV). Oct 17, 2017.

What books of the Bible should kids read?

Bible Stories for Kids

  • #1. The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories
  • #2. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
  • #3. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible (The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible Library)
  • #4. The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story (Action Bible Series)
  • #5.

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