Quick Answer: Mandala Coloring Books What To Use Pens Markers?

Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books

Markers limit which books you can work in, at least to the extent that they are not double-sided, but if you love Johanna Basford books, you can always buy two copies and use markers on one side of the pages.

These Markers Don’t BLEED in  Your Adult Coloring Books

Pitt artist pens use pigmented India ink that is archival, acid-free, smudge-proof, and waterproof when dry. You can see in my Enchanted Forest owl coloring that the black is clear, albeit a little splotchy in the larger areas. Faber Castell Pitt Pens Basic’s 6 Pack includes Pink Carmine, Dark Chrome Yellow, Manganese Violet, Phthalo Blue, Perma Blue, and Perma Blue.

BIG Brush Pitt Pens by Faber-Castell

The Pitt Pens and BIG Brush Pitt Pens are now available in smaller sets from Faber-Castell; if you have a Michaels near you, use your 40% off coupon to pick them up. The color names are the same as the Polychromos Colored Pencils.

Fine Line Markers that don’t bleed through paper

Staedtler and Stabilo 88 markers, as well as fine line markers and Gelly Roll Glitter or Metallic Pens, are recommended by Johanna Basford; if you like coloring in coloring books with two-sided pages, you should buy these markers, she says.

Staedtler Markers Set of 20

Staedtler Stabilo ultra-fine point liners are another option for double-sided coloring pages; you can leave the caps off and they won’t dry out; they provide coverage similar to a Pentel or Flair pen but with little to no bleed-through.

Why are they the best?

Copic markers have a three-year shelf life and replaceable nibs, and each one is hand-tested for overall quality and consistency three times before being shipped from Japan. Coloring books were popular in the United Kingdom long before they became popular in the United States.

Prismacolor Premier Markers

Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers are designed for detailed work and feature an advanced dye-based alcohol ink formulation. They aren’t refillable or replaceable, so you’ll have to decide which is best for you.

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Prismacolor Art Markers for Coloring Books

You’ll notice that markers are stored horizontally, which is the best way to store them, especially double ended markers. If you store them in a pencil jar, the nibs will wear out or dry out, which isn’t recommended, especially for double ended markers.

Kuretake – Zig Real Brush Pen

Zig markers come in a variety of nib styles, including brush, fine line, calligraphy, and more, and the Kuretake pens can be blended with water and used as a watercolor brush. Zig also makes the popular “Wink of Stella.”

Pentel Markers –

For artists, designers, students, and children. Vivid, water-based ink colors for a variety of applications. Durable fiber tip produces fine lines. Generous ink supply is excellent for coloring. Snap-fit cap keeps the tip from drying out.

Flair Fine Tipped Markers

The felt tip provides bold and expressive lines with no fraying or smearing, and the water-based ink is quick-drying, water-based, and doesn’t bleed through most paper.


Sharpies are the cheapest markers available, but they do bleed, so be sure to use at least one piece of scratch paper behind your project if you want to use them. If you have any other favorite pens for adult coloring books, please share them with us on social media.

Can you use markers on coloring books?

For adult coloring books, you can use any type of coloring pens: colored pencils, gel pens, and alcohol-based fine tip markers are great for fine detailing, while chisel tip and brush tip markers are more commonly used for larger areas.

What markers are best for coloring books?

Adult Coloring Books’ Best Markers

  • Faber-Castell Pitt Pens. Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Arteza Watercolor Brush Pens. Sakura Koi Assorted Coloring Brush Pen Set. Crayola Bold Line Markers. Crayola Supertip Markers.

Are pens or pencils better for coloring books?

Although the majority of coloring books on the market are printed single-sided, some are printed as double-sided pages, which require colored pencils. While gel pens will not necessarily bleed through double-sided pages, they may leave “ghosting” lines on the back side.

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What to use for coloring mandalas?

Coloring a mandala with pencil crayons, crayons, paint, or pastels combines the benefits of meditation and art therapy into a simple practice that can be done at any time and place, and results in a deep sense of calm and well-being for those who do it.

Are gel pens good for coloring books?

100 glitter gel pens for coloring books! These are great if you like to add a little bling to your coloring pages. We love the rubber grip on these pens because it allows us to color for longer periods of time while also preventing pens from rolling away. They are also slightly thicker than average because they hold more ink.

What type of markers will not bleed through paper?

Johanna Basford recommends Staedler and Stabilo 88 fine line markers because they don’t bleed through paper.

Which brand of marker lasts the longer?

Sharpie has been around for many years and has changed to make the markers better and more like what their customers prefer. If three brands of markers are tested for longest lasting color, Sharpie will have the longest lasting color.

Do coloring books relieve stress?

Adult coloring books can help with stress relief in the same way that meditation can. Being present is important because it allows the mind to forget about future and past stressors, and coloring is an in-the-moment activity that can help with being present, which has mental health benefits for us.

Do gel pens bleed through?

Gel pens rarely bleed through paper, which occurs when the ink saturates the paper and soaks through to the other side. Gel pen ink has a higher viscosity and is made up of pigment suspended in a water-based gel, which keeps the ink on the top layer of the paper and prevents bleeding.

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What is the best to color with?

The Best Adult Coloring Tools u2013 Your Main Tool:

  1. Alcohol markers: These are expensive, but they have a big impact.
  2. Gel pens:
  3. Fineliner water-based markers:
  4. Brush and broader point water-based markers:

Should I use crayons or markers?

Crayons are superior to markers because they are simple to use and accessible to the majority of artists; they are a more forgiving medium, making them ideal for coloring and mixed media art; and they can be used on the entire surface of the crayon.

Why are color pencils better than markers?

One of the main reasons why Colored Pencils are better than Markers is the level of control they provide: you can apply very light pressure to achieve a rich color hue, and you can also use an eraser to remove parts of Colored Pencils that you don’t want.

How many colors do you use for mandala?

We mentioned earlier in this post that choosing two to four colors is best for mandalas, but that’s not a lot of color, and you might want to add some depth by using tonal gradients and blends.

What are three types of mandalas?

The three main types of mandalas and how they are used are listed below.

  • Healing Mandala.
  • Sand Mandala.
  • Teaching Mandala.
  • Teaching Mandalas are symbolic, and each shape, line, and color represents a different aspect of a philosophical or religious system.

What is the rule for creating mandalas?

The key is to go slowly and draw one shape at a time, going around the entire circle and placing that one shape in the correct spot, then building on that shape by drawing other shapes around the circle in the same manner. This is how the mandala looks after all the designs have been drawn in.

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