Quick Answer: How To Check What Books Ive Rented Sdsu?

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How do I access my SDSU ebook?

To look for eBooks, go to:

    How do I return books to SDSU?

    How long does SDSU Bookstore take to ship?

    All in-stock orders, excluding those with Expedited Shipping, are processed and shipped within five to seven business days. Our current business days are Monday and Thursday.

    How do you get books at SDSU?

    What is immediate access?

    Immediate Access is a course materials affordability initiative launched by the University Book Store in the Fall of 2014. It brings together the bookstore, faculty, and publishers to offer students digital course materials at a lower cost than traditional print versions.

    How do I upload an eBook to canvas?

    1. The Page Name will be auto-populated, but you can change it.
    2. Click Add Item.
    3. Check the Load in new tab box.

    How do I access immediate access SDSU?

    You’ll need to log in with your RedID and password, and you’ll see a personalized list of your Immediate Access courses, with the option to opt out or back in. If the add/drop deadline has passed, please contact us at [email protected]

    What is SDSU Etext?

    How much is immediate access SDSU?

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