Question: What Youtubers Wrote Books?

YouTubers who became Authors in 2017

Many YouTubers have been writing books, and it appears that this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Here is a list of popular YouTube creators who wrote books in 2017. This list will be essential to your YouTube fandom.

The Rosewood Chronicles by Connie Glynn

In a series of lies and coincidences, 14-year-old Lottie Pumpkin pretends to be Crown Princess of Maradova so that Ellie Wolf can live a more normal life.

How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life by Lilly Singh aka Superwoman

Superwoman is the definitive guide to being a BAWSEAL, told in her hilarious, bold voice that has inspired over 9 million fans, and illustrated with stories from her own life. This is one of the bestselling YouTuber books of 2017.

Feel Good 101 by Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery, a YouTube sensation, has written a book called FEEL GOOD 101, in which she shares all of her hard-learned life lessons, from standing up to bullies and bad bosses to embracing body confidence and making peace with your brain.

147 Things: A Hilariously Brilliant Guide to this Thing Called Life by Jim Chapman

In this video, Jim will open up about his life and relationships, sharing embarrassing stories and lessons he’s learned along the way, and he hopes to inspire you with the rarity of us all being here.

So Much I Want to Tell You: Letters to My Little Sister by Anna Akana

Anna has dedicated her life to self-acceptance and self-love since her younger sister committed suicide in 2007, and her new book aims to be a much-needed big sister for everyone.

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Doing It: Let’s Talk About Sex by Hannah Witton

I’ve written a book about sex, full of hilarious and awkward anecdotes and confessions, and I’ve invited some friends and fellow YouTubers to participate in an online Q&A about their sexuality.

How to Write Good by Ryan Higa

Ryan has been around the block, and a public online figure since his teenage days, and reveals how he wrote his way out of a depressed funk into a lucrative career as a creator in his book, Youtubers.

Make Your Mind Up by Bethany Mota

Make Your Mind Up, Bethany’s new book, is a self-portrait portrait of her life that is more than just a heartwarming memoir; it is a lifestyle guide for positive thinkers.

Almost Adulting: All You Need to Know to Get It Together by Arden Rose

This book, which is a collection of essays and artwork, is a fan favorite among YouTubers’ books. It will show you how to take care of yourself in the best way possible.

What YouTubers made books?

Memoirs of a YouTuber

  • Ryan Higa’s How to Write Good by Ryan Higa.
  • The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil by Dan Howell and Phil Lester.
  • We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a True Story by Josh Sundquist.

Do YouTubers write their own books?

Many YouTubers write books to please their audiences and to tell their own stories in order to help their readers who may be going through something similar to what they, the YouTuber, went through.

Who wrote the first YouTuber book?

Alfie Deyes’ first book, which he published at the age of 21, spent 11 weeks at the top of the Sunday Times bestseller list.

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Who is the best book reviewer on YouTube?

If you’re a bibliophile, here are 10 YouTube book reviewers to watch.

  • Helly.
  • Little Book Owl.
  • Kishan Chotalia.
  • Abookutopia.
  • Indian Booktuber.
  • WhatKamilReads.
  • The Book Belle.
  • Better Than Food: Book Reviews. Whether you like fiction, non-fiction, literature, poetry, philosophy, or even pornography, this guy is the man for you!

Who’s the most famous kid YouTuber?

Ryan of Ryan’s ToysReview, a cute 6-year-old from the United States who reviews children’s toys of all kinds for viewers multiple times a week, is the most subscribed child on YouTube, with 9.4 million subscribers and over 16.5 trillion video views to date.

How many kid YouTuber books are there?

Kindle Edition of Kid Youtuber (six-book series).

Can I promote my book on YouTube?

One of the most effective ways to promote a nonfiction book on YouTube is to use short, bite-sized videos to teach people about what the book is about. First, record a video about the book’s overarching theme u2013 tell people what it is, why it’s important, and give them an idea of what they can expect to learn.

How do I promote my book?

Self-Published Authors: 11 Effective Book Promotion Ideas

  1. Increase your online presence to spread the word about your book.
  2. Use social media.
  3. Learn from the most popular books in your genre u2014 what helps them sell?
  4. Get book reviews.
  5. Write an enticing book blurb.

Should I read my book on YouTube?

Video has consistently been shown to have the best reach across all social channels, eclipsing imagery and memes, so having a personal reading of your book available to use at any time across all of your channels is a great marketing tool to have in your arsenal.

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Are Zoe and Louise still friends?

The group of friends is still intact, even though they aren’t plastering their time together on their vlog channels for viewers. In fact, Louise personally admitted that there was no drama within the group in a 2019 interview.

Did PewDiePie write a book?

This Book Loves You is a parody of self-help books written by Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie and published by Penguin Group under their Razorbill imprint on October 20, 2015. It is a collection of anti-proverbs paired with visuals.

How do I become a YouTuber?

How to Become a YouTuber: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Create a content schedule.
  2. Outline your overall goals for your YouTube channel.
  3. Start filming your content.
  4. Optimize your YouTube channel.

Which name is best for YouTube channel?

Ideas for YouTube channel names

  • Plain Jane check availability.
  • Simple Pleasures check availability.
  • The Bubbly Demeanor check availability.
  • AlmostTogether check availability.
  • The Wild Things check availability.
  • Bold [First Name] check availability.

Who is the most popular Booktuber?

Yes, we read! Here are the top 5 Youtube Booktubers.

  • 2) abookutopia u2013 369.000 subscribers. 3) Jessethereader u2013 362.000 subscribers. 4) A Clockwork Reader u2013 254.000 subscribers. 5) Little Book Owl u2013 183.000 subscribers.

What can be my YouTube channel name?

The official name for your YouTube channel is your Channel Name, which can be anything from a person’s first and last name (Casey Neistat) to a name that describes the channel’s overall topic (5-Minute Crafts).

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