Question: What Are Litrpg Books?

What is LitRPG? [Updated May 2019]

LitRPG is a subgenre of fiction in which the protagonist plays a role-playing game, with the most common setting being a full-immersion virtual reality RPG. It originated in South Korea, spread to Russia, and is now causing a stir in indie publishing in the United States.

How did you first come across it, and please tell us about your own writing.

Reign of Blood is Fiction Engine’s first LitRPG novel, and it’s the sequel to Stormbane, a novella I wrote about a woman fighting to protect monsters in a fantasy MMORPG (similar to World of Warcraft).

Here’s the blurb for the first book of the duology – Warlock: Reign of Blood.

Warlock: Reign of Blood is the first installment of the Chasms of Corruption duology, a full-immersion virtual reality role-playing game for PC, Mac, and PS4.

How does LitRPG complement or expand the scope of traditional RPG?

Books like Carrie Summers’ Temple of Sorrow and Matthew Seige’s One in the Gut are starting to question the gamer’s relationship with RPGs, and LitRPG has the potential to dissect our fascination with games and virtual worlds.

Why would a reader pick up a LitRPG novel (where the adventure has been decided upon by the author) rather than a ‘Pick a Path’ adventure book?

When done well, a LitRPG can be just as satisfying as the hands-on experience of an RPG like Witcher 3. Gamebook readers seem to enjoy the mental challenge of decision-making, while LitRPG readers seem to enjoy the vicarious delights of watching someone else meet and conquer challenges.

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Most sources show a roughly 60/40 split between male and female players of LitRPGs, whereas other RPG brands such as Witcher and Dragon Age have been more popular with female gamers.

Plot over Description

LitRPGs are action-packed, with a focus on combat and legendary feats of physical, magical, and technological prowess; they rarely go into detail about characters, environments, or inner thoughts, unless it’s about character development or battle tactics.


A great example of a LitRPG protagonist who lacks personal power in their real lives is Hugo Huesca’s Dungeon Lord, which is about a young man who despises his job and is offered the chance to become a dungeon-raider by a dark god.


When you read about an epic quest line, you get the same dopamine rush that you get when you play a real-life LitRPG.

Any particular LitRPG titles or authors to look out for?

The protagonist of Warlock: Reign of Blood from Fiction Engine, by Dan Sugralinov, develops an RPG interface inside his head, becomes fit, establishes a successful career, and forms a community of friends and allies, all while playing an RPG.

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What is a LitRPG novel?

LitRPG (Literary Role Playing Game) is a literary genre that combines the conventions of computer RPGs with science fiction and fantasy novels, with the main character consciously interacting with the game or game-like world and attempting to progress within it.

What are LitRPG audiobooks?

Litrpg stands for Literary Playing Games, and it refers to the game version that can be converted into Audiobooks and Novels, similar to an MMO (massive multi-player) RPG.

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Whats the best LitRPG?

The top twelve LitRPG games

  • Crota (The Gods’ Game, Volume 1)
  • Blood Eye (Land of Dreams, Book 1)
  • Advent (Red Mage, Book 1)
  • AlterWorld: Play to Live.
  • Ascend Online (Ascend Online, Book 1) Luke Chmilenko.
  • Catharsis (Awaken Online, Book 1) Travis Bagwell.

Why is LitRPG so popular?

Litrpg exists because people enjoy games, so books about games pique their interest, and it’s also a simple way to establish rules and limits.

What is the difference between GameLit and LitRPG?

u201cGamelit u2013 An all-encompassing term that includes any literary prose that incorporates game-like mechanics into the story OR the story takes place within a game world. LitRPG u2013 A subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that describes the hero’s adventures within an online computer game.

What was the first LitRPG book?

I’d never heard of the term LitRPG before, so I looked it up on Amazon and discovered Aleron Kong’s first book, The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 1), which I devoured.

What makes a good LitRPG?

Your book should have strong, engaging characters, sensuous prose, a connection to what it means to be human, and, most importantly, an actual story, or an overarching goal for the character with whom the reader empathizes the most. Unlike other genres, I believe LitRPG tends to shy away from this obvious point.

How many books are in the awaken online?

Kindle Edition of Awaken Online (eight-book series).

What is podium audio?

Podium Audio is an audio-first entertainment company that invests in, creates, produces, and distributes original audio content.

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How many LitRPG books are there?

There are currently four books in the series, all of which, like all LITRPGs, are best experienced through audiobook versions.

What order should I read The Awakening online?

Online Awakening

  1. Catharsis (2016)
  2. Precipice (2017) 2.5 Retribution (2017)
  3. Evolution (2018) 3.5 Apathy (2018)
  4. Dominion (2019) 4.5 Unity (2019)
  5. Ember (2019)
  6. Flame (2020)
  7. Inferno (2020)
  8. Hellion (2021)

How many chapters are in the mother of learning?

The novel Royal Road has 108 chapters.

Is Sword Art Online a LitRPG?

The various incarnations of Sword Art take the basics of LitRPG and turn them into a fully realized universe, and they work together hand in hand to create something special.

What is Wuxia LitRPG?

Wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction featuring itinerant warriors of ancient China, often depicted as capable of superhuman feats of martial arts. LitRPG is a literary genre combining the conventions of RPGs with science fiction and fantasy novels.

Is Ready Player One a LitRPG?

Many LitRPG novels, including Ready Player One, take the drama outside of the game to depict murderous encounters between human players in order to give the impression that the stakes are genuinely high.

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