Question: What Age Are Bill Peet Books?

What Parents Say

Our triplets are 3.5 years old and have enjoyed “The Caboose Is Loose,” “Fly Homer Fly,” and “Merle the High Flying Squirrel.” Every week, we sort through another box in the hopes of finding a Bill Peet book – it’s like a treasure hunt. I understand how Bill has captivated his readers of all ages for so many years.
Bill Peet’s children’s books will never lose their appeal; his stories are fun to read aloud and have great illustrations and messages to share with children or anyone. I hope someday a publisher will be persuaded to publish a complete and deluxe volume of collected Bill Peet stories.

Are Bill Peet books still in print?

Houghton Mifflin Company published all of Bill Peet’s books, including HUBERT’S HAIR-RAISING ADVENTURE, which was published in 1959 and is still in print today.

Why did Bill Peet leave Disney?

Peet was working closely with Walt Disney at the time, and while he admired his creative genius, he found him to be a difficult man. Peet quit working for Disney on January 29, 1964, his 49th birthday, following a particularly heated argument with Walt on The Jungle Book.

How many books does Bill Peet have?

Bill Peet’s books

  • Bill Peet’s The Caboose Who Got Loose.
  • Bill Peet’s Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent.
  • Bill Peet’s The Wump World.
  • Bill Peet’s The Ant and the Elephant.
  • Bill Peet’s Chester, the Worldly Pig.
  • Bill Peet’s Kermit the Hermit.
  • Bill Peet’s The Whingding

Is Bill Peet married?

William Bartlett Peet, writer and illustrator: born 29 January 1915 in Grandview, Indiana; married Margaret Brunst in 1938 (one son and one son deceased); died 11 May 2002 in Studio City, California.

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What is Bill Peet famous for?

Bill Peet, an illustrator, screenwriter, and children’s book author who was almost as well-known for his tumultuous 27-year relationship with Walt Disney as for the cartoon characters he created, died on Saturday at the age of 87 at his home in Studio City, Calif.

Which Bill Peet books are out of print?

Gnats of Knotty Pine * How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head. Hubert’s Hair-Raising Adventure (out of print)

Is Bill Peet still alive?

Bill began his career at The Walt Disney Studios as an apprentice animator in 1937, working on the first feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, before moving to the Story Department a year later.

What school did Bill Peet go to?

Find all of the books, learn more about the author, and more. There was an issue loading this page; please try again. The true story of Capyboppy, the Peet family’s pet capybara.

Did Bill Peet have siblings?

Peet left the studio and its founder in 1964, during the production of “Jungle Book,” and requested that his name be removed from the credits because he didn’t like changes made after he left the project, a problem he always blamed on group creation.

When did Bill Peet change his name?

Bill Peet was born in rural Indiana on January 29, 1915, as William Bartlett Peed (later changing his last name to Peet).

Who are Bill Peets parents?


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Who wrote the ant and the elephant?

The Ant and the Elephant, based on the Aesop fable The Dove and the Ant, is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Bill Peet and adapted into a family musical for the stage.

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