Often asked: What Kindle Books Are Eligible To Return?

Return a Kindle Book Order

Within seven days, you can cancel an accidental book order, and approved refunds are credited to the original payment source within three to five days. If you need to return a Kindle Vella episode for a refund, see Return-A-Kindle Vella Episode for Refund.

Are all Kindle books returnable?

While you won’t be able to return all of your unread Kindle books, you will be able to return Kindle books within seven days of purchase, according to Amazon’s Kindle book return policy.

Why can’t I return a Kindle book?

To return a book, you must first buy or download it onto your Kindle, as well as ensure that your Kindle is connected to the internet. If you’ve loaded your own PDFs onto your Kindle, this process will not work; simply delete them from your Kindle.

Why can’t I return my Kindle unlimited books?

While this may appear to be a large number of books, keep in mind that you can only have ten books in your account at any given time. The problem is that most people don’t know how to return books or a title on Kindle Unlimited because the service will only give you an “on-device prompt” once you’ve reached your ten-book limit.

Can books bought on Amazon be returned?

If you ordered a book or other item from Amazon.com, go to Return Items You Ordered to return it to Amazon Books. To return an item to Amazon Books, pack it in the original product packaging.

Can you return a Kindle book if you don’t like it?

Getting a Refund for a Book You Accidentally Purchased Books purchased from the Kindle Store are eligible for return and refund if we receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase; however, you will no longer have access to the book once the refund is issued.

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How do I return a Kindle book to the library?

Kindle Books that have been returned

  1. Go to Amazon’s “Manage Your Content and Devices” page.
  2. Find the title in the “Your Content” list, then tap.
  3. In the pop-up window, tap Return this book.
  4. Select Yes to confirm and return the book.

Can you return a Kindle device?

Return Policies for the Kindle E-Reader, Fire Tablet, Amazon Echo Devices, and Amazon Fire TV: You can return any Kindle purchased directly from Amazon.com for a full refund within 30 days of receiving it, as long as it is in new condition and meets our return policy.

Do you have to return eBooks to the library?

NOTE: All eBooks (and eAudiobooks) expire on their own, so there’s no need to return them early; they’ll simply disappear from your library account and device once they’ve passed their expiration date.

Can I sell my Kindle books?

Anyone can sell books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and you get paid every time a book sells. Setting up an Amazon KDP account, listing books, and selling them on Amazon are all free.

Do I lose my books if I cancel Kindle Unlimited?

You cannot keep the books you’ve borrowed if you cancel Kindle Unlimited; however, any books you’ve paid for are yours forever, and you can borrow Prime books if you have Amazon Prime.

Do I have to return books on Kindle Unlimited?

You can keep up to ten Kindle Unlimited books in your account at any given time, for as long as you want; if you want more books, you’ll have to remove the ones you’ve already read; when you reach the ten-book limit, Amazon will ask you to return a book and suggest one.

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How do I remove a book from Kindle Unlimited?

Go to your ” Manage Your Content and Devices ” page on Amazon’s website, and in the “Your Content” list, select the boxes next to the book(s) you’d like to remove, then select Delete. To confirm, select Yes, delete permanently.

Why does Amazon refund without return?

What Is Amazon’s Refund Policy Without a Return? According to the company’s Terms of Service, Amazon does not take title to returned items until they arrive at their fulfillment center; however, a refund may be granted without a return at Amazon’s sole discretion.

What items does Amazon not make you return?

Items classified as hazardous materials or that use flammable liquids or gases (contact the manufacturer directly for service, warranty, return, and refund information) Items classified as hazardous materials or that use flammable liquids or gases (contact the manufacturer directly for service, warranty, return, and refund information)

Can I return something I broke Amazon?

You can request a replacement for a small number of eligible items through Your Orders if you received a damaged, defective, or incorrect item sold by Amazon. You may be eligible to request a replacement for items sold and shipped by Amazon.

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