Often asked: What Books Has Dr. Del Tackett Written?

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Del Tackett’s Lesson Five u2013 Science: What is True? is one of the parts reviewed in The Truth Project, a multi-DVD lecture series put out by Focus on the Family that addresses a number of aspects of modern life and thinking from a Christian worldview. Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is contrasted with William Paley’s watchmaker analogy, as the “argument from design” Part Two
Overall, I was disappointed by the lectures because they repeated an oversimplification of the relationship between science and faith and promoted a false dichotomy. David Tackett’s lecture on evolution confuses science and philosophy. He uses the term “evolutio” instead of “evolution.”
Lesson Five- Science: What is True? lacks prominent scientists’ voices on science and faith, and Tackett repeats dubious science aimed at discrediting all levels of the evolutionary process. I would have liked to see some reference to scientists who disagree with Dawkins and Sagan’s strong dichotomy. An evolutionary biologist would say, “Of course it is both!”
Author John Tackett claims that evolution does not explain why there are so many finch species, citing only one study from a thirty-year period of finch research. Scientists making claims about Galapagos finches are not claiming that a short-term drought is the cause.

Who is Jesus by Del Tackett?

Dr. Del Tackett, host of Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project, is joined by guest experts Lee Strobel, Gary Habermas, and others as they intelligently explore Jesus’ ancestry and prophetic mission; His words, works, and character; His death and resurrection; and more.

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Where does Dr del Tackett teach?

Dr. Tackett is a professor of numerous worldview courses at New Geneva Theological Seminary, where he also serves on the Board of Trustees and as an adjunct professor. He also teaches as an adjunct professor for the Alliance Defense Fund’s Blackstone Fellowship and for Summit Ministries.

What year was the truth project made?

DVD-ROM u2013 January 1, 2006 u2013 Truth Project DVD Set (Truth Project Series)

What is the purpose of the Truth Project?

The Truth Project, a groundbreaking small group curriculum on the Biblical worldview from Focus on the Family, is a video-based home Bible study that serves as a springboard for considering life from a biblical perspective.

Who is the author of The Truth Project?

The emotional fallout after a teenage girl discovers she is the product of an affair is explored by debut author Dante Medema in this contemporary YA novel told through a series of poems, text messages, and emails. This contemporary YA is perfect for fans of Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin.

What is truth biblically?

According to Webster’s dictionary, truth is defined as “the true or actual state of a matter, conformity with fact or reality, a verified or indisputable fact.” In John’s gospel, chapter 14, Jesus is comforting His disciples and says, “If you want to get to Heaven, you must come through Me.”

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