Often asked: What Are The Three Divergent Books Called?

Divergent (trilogy)

The Divergent trilogy (also known as The Divergent Series) is a trilogy of three young adult dystopian/science-fiction books written by Veronica Roth, set in a dystopian Chicago in which members of each faction devote themselves to the cultivation of a specific virtue.

What is the 3 divergent called?

Allegiant (simply known as Allegiant) is the third and final installment of The Divergent Series, directed by Robert Schwentke and written by Bill Collage, Adam Cooper, and Noah Oppenheim.

What order should you read the divergent books?

Order of the Divergent Series: Publication

  • Divergent (2011)
  • Free Four (2012) (Extra Scene)
  • Insurgent (2012)
  • The Transfer (2013) (Novella)
  • The Path to Allegiant (2013) (Add-On)
  • Allegiant (2013)
  • The Initiate (2014) (Novella)
  • The Son (2014) (Novella)
  • Divergent (2011)
  • The Initiate (2014) (Novella

What are the 3 divergent movies in order?

Divergent (2011), Insurgent (2012), and Allegiant (2013) are the three films in the Divergent trilogy. Divergent is about a girl named Tris Prior (played by Shailene Woodley in the films).

Is Tris all 5 factions?

Tris’s test results show that she doesn’t fit neatly into any of the five factions, indicating that she is “divergent.” She has equal aptitude for Erudite, Dauntless, and Abnegation, the latter of which is her family’s faction, and must choose between the three.

Who is Shailene Woodley dating?

In a new interview, Shailene Woodley revealed a little more about the mysterious origin story of her engagement to Aaron Rodgers, saying that she and the NFL star “immediately” began living together after they began dating.

Why is Divergent a banned book?

Violence, death, defiance of authority, speaking back to your elders, underage drinking, sex talk, and bad plotting are all present in the book; the last one is subjective, but I objected to it.

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Does Four really love Tris?

He is the transfer initiates’ instructor, alongside Lauren (instructor of Dauntless-born initiates), and he later becomes Tris Prior’s love interest in the first book of the trilogy.

Is Christina Divergent?

Tris tells Christina that she’s going to Abnegation to see her brother the next night, but she’s actually going to Erudite to turn herself in as a Divergent.

How old is Tris in Divergent?

Beatrice Prior, the novel’s narrator and protagonist, is a bright and determined sixteen-year-old girl who lives with her mother, father, and brother in Abnegation, a faction dedicated to selflessness and humility, but it’s clear from the start that she isn’t at home there.

Is Divergent on Netflix?

The Divergent films are available to stream on Netflix in a number of countries; Netflix is available in 190 countries and each of these countries has its own library.

What time period is Divergent set in?

Divergent takes place in the future, in a dystopian Chicago divided into five factions: Abnegation, Candor, Amity, Dauntless, and Erudite, with Beatrice Prior, a sixteen-year-old girl from Abnegation, as the protagonist and narrator.

Why didn’t they finish the Divergent movies?

Production on the fourth and final film was set to begin in the summer of 2016, but it was delayed when director Robert Schwentke decided not to return, reportedly due to a need for a break after filming the previous two films back-to-back.

How old is Theo James now?

The actress had her long hair cut last summer to prepare for her role as Hazel Lancaster in the book to film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars, which was filmed after Divergent, and it’s worth noting that Tris cuts her hair down to her jawline in the book by Veronica Roth.

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