How Book 2 Passengers Hopper?

You can either:

  • Book a ticket with the same airline and itinerary through the Hopper app. OR.
  • Contact the airline directly with the flight numbers and purchase an additional ticket directly through them. They might be able to link the 2 bookings.

Is it safe to book through hopper?

Hopper told Tech Insider that it saves a typical user about $50 (and in some cases as much as $1,300) per flight. I’ve used Hopper for a few flights over the last several months, and it’s been really good at telling me to the right time to book. It’s definitely my go-to app when buying airline tickets.31 Aug 2015

Can you choose your seats on Hopper?

While seat selection is not available directly in the Hopper App, you can often select your seats directly with the airline you’re flying with. A seat may automatically have been assigned by the airline.10 Nov 2019

How accurate is Hopper 2019?

95% accuracy

How accurate is Hopper prediction?

Hopper, an airfare shopping app, recently added price predictions and claims 95% accuracy. Google says its Google Flights, increasingly popular with many travelers, is adding predictive powers to certain routes, though they’re hard to find so far.30 Nov 2016