FAQ: What To Expect When Pawning Comic Books?

Do Pawn Shops Buy and Sell Comic Books?

Do pawn shops even deal with comic books?


Posting your comic books online is the most popular way for many collectors to sell their collection, but auction sites can be risky when it comes to getting the most value for your comics. Selling your comic books at a local pawn shop is by far the fastest way to get paid for them.

So how to sell your comic books at your local pawnshop?

You should approach selling your comic books at a pawn shop like you would any other knowledgeable buyer; you can expect around 40-60% of the current book value, regardless of sentimental value. Don’t be afraid to negotiate; pawnbrokers are primarily interested in working out a fair deal for everyone.


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Can you pawn comic books?

Do comic books go down in value?

How can you tell if a comic book is worth money?

The best ways to tell if a comic book is valuable

    Where is the best place to sell old comic books?

    Where Should You Sell Your Comic Books?

    • FangXiaNuo / Getty Images.
    • Heritage Auctions. If you have a lot of older and more valuable comic books, I recommend checking out Heritage Auctions.
    • Craigslist.
    • Your Local Comic Shop.
    • Charitable Contribution.
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    How can I sell old comic books?

    Where To Start Selling Comic Books And How To Get Started

    1. Organize.
    2. Sell in person if possible.
    3. Consult your local comic book store and Half Price Books, but don’t commit right away.
    4. Sell somewhere legitimate.

    Should I sell my comic books?

    u201cGenerally, higher-end comics sell at auction close to their price-guide values,u201d says Segall. u201cLower-end comic books are very difficult to sell. Stores will sometimes pay around $25 per long box.u201d

    What comic books are worth money?

    Rare Comic Books That Are Worth a Fortune 10 Rare Comic Books That Are Worth a Fortune

    • Amazing Fantasy No.
    • Detective Comics No.
    • All Star Comics No.
    • X-Men No.
    • Tales of Suspense No.
    • Marvel Comics No.
    • The Incredible Hulk No.
    • Marvel

    Are books a good investment?

    The short answer is no, according to John Windle, owner of John Windle Antiquarian Books in San Francisco, who compares collecting books to a savings account rather than a short-term investment. u201cBooks tend not to lose value over the long haul,u201d he says.

    How much do comic books cost 2020?

    The average price of a comic book, according to Newsarama, is $2.99, with larger issues costing $3.99 or $4.99, depending on the size of the issue.

    What is the rarest comic book?

    New Adventure Comics #26 was first published in 1938, during the early days of DC Comics, and according to the CGC database, there are only 9 registered copies, making it the world’s rarest comic book.

    Are comic books from the 80 worth anything?

    If you want to invest in comics, learn to grade them by their condition. 1980s comics are worth it and can earn you a lot of money.

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