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With over 16,000 businesses operating in the industry, global publishing is now worth $119 billion, with U.S. book publishers seeing a 6.9% increase in revenue year over year in 2019. Digital publishing tools have made books more accessible to readers all over the world.

The publishing industry landscape

Before deciding which area you want to work in as a publishing professional, it’s important to understand the different types of publishing and research the leading industry players – print, digital or print-on-demand publishing, and e-book publishing are some of the best examples.

Trade publishing

The top five trade publishing companies are: Simon & Schuster (novels, biographies, and children’s books), HarperCollins (nonfiction), and Penguin (children’s books).

Independent publishing

Because independent publishers, also known as small presses, are not affiliated with large corporations, they may have more creative freedom in producing and marketing books. Independent publishing companies include Simon & Schuster and Penguin Random House.


Between 2017 and 2018, the number of self-published books increased by 40%. Popular self-publishing platforms include Amazon, Apple, and B&N.

Careers in the publishing industry

From conception to publication, here’s a breakdown of the various roles and responsibilities involved in the creation of a book.


When a publishing house buys the rights to a book from an author, literary agent, or editor, it’s known as acquisition. Books are frequently acquired based on samples or proposals, as well as their potential to drive sales.

Career: Literary Agent

Agents of independent artists, writers, and performers earned a median salary of $71,380 in 2019. They help clients negotiate contracts and deals with favorable terms, such as larger advances, by acting as intermediaries between authors and publishing companies.

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It entails making changes to elements like narrative, pacing, length, tone, and characterization in order to make the book more readable and appealing to young adult readers.

Career: Book Editor

Book editors earn a median annual salary of around $46,000 (and can earn as much as $100,000 per year), according to PayScale data from July 2020.

Copy editing

Copy editing is the process of checking for and correcting minor textual errors such as spelling and punctuation, as well as fact-checking statistics and information to ensure that they are accurate and represent the full range of information available to the general public.

Career: Proofreader

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), proofreaders earn a median salary of $38,510 in 2019.


It entails designing the book’s cover, selecting images and illustrations for inclusion in the book, and preparing the layout for printing or online publication, as well as preparing the book’s layout, such as spacing and margins.

Career: Book Designer

According to PayScale data from July 2020, book designers earn a median annual salary of around $31,000, depending on whether they specialize in cover design, print design, or e-book design.


A small number of advance copies of a book are checked by the editor and sent to reviewers before it hits the shelves; once the advance edition is approved, the book can be printed for sale and distribution.

Career: Book Publisher

According to payScale data from July 2020, book publishers earn a median annual salary of around $50k. They manage each stage of the production process, ensuring that the manuscript is on schedule for its publication date.

Distribution and sales

They can assist authors in negotiating sales for international distribution, as well as film and television rights, and they can also send digital copies of a book to online marketplaces for e-book sales.

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What is a book industry?

issue, printing, and publication are all nouns that refer to the act or process of publishing printed matter.

What type of business is a book publisher?

What Is a Publishing Company? A traditional publishing company creates and distributes copies of written works, such as children’s books, novels, cookbooks, and magazines.

How does the book industry work?

Traditional book publishing is when a publisher offers an author a contract and then prints, publishes, and sells your book through booksellers and other retailers, essentially buying the right to publish your book and paying you royalties from sales.

What is the meaning of publishing industry?

The preparation, production, and distribution of books, magazines, newspapers, and graphic material is a branch of culture and production.

Is Google a publisher?

For much of its history, Google has profited from the perception that it is not a publisher because it indexes the content of others. Because it indexes the content of others, Google has long claimed that it is merely an intermediary, connecting users to results and playing no other role.

What is the process of a book being published?

The process of materializing u2013 giving form, as a book u2013 an author’s manuscript into the hands of a reader is known as publishing. The author’s manuscript can be solicited (the publisher asks them to write it) or unsolicited (the author writes it and then shops for a publisher).

How do I copyright my book?

A step-by-step guide to copyrighting a book is provided below:

  1. Select the Correct Category.
  2. Create an Online Account.
  3. Select the Standard Application.
  4. Fill Out the Appropriate Forms.
  5. Pay the Fee.
  6. Submit Your Written Material.
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What is the difference between publishing and press?

The difference between publisher and press as nouns is that a publisher publishes, particularly books, whereas a press is (countable) a device that applies pressure to an item.

How can I publish my own music?

The first step in publishing your own music is to sign up as a publisher with a Performance Rights Organization, or PRO, which collects royalties for both the publisher and the writer. The three major PROs are BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC.

How do authors get paid?

Authors do not receive a salary, and once they have written a book, it can be traditionally published or self-published. Traditionally, the author will be paid an advance (advances are generally modest these days) as part of the contract.

Do publishers edit your book?

If editing isn’t your strong suit, Scribendi offers a variety of services for writers who have completed their manuscript but aren’t ready to submit it to a publisher.

What does it mean to publish a book?

Publishing, traditionally referring to the distribution of printed works such as books, newspapers, and magazines, is the activity of making information, literature, music, software, and other content available to the public for sale or free.

What kind of jobs are there in publishing?

Working in a publishing house can lead to 13 different jobs.

  • Editorial assistant.
  • Illustrator.
  • Publicist.
  • Literary agent.
  • Editor.
  • Publisher.

What are the types of publishing?

This article goes over each of these types of book publishers in greater detail.

  • Large publishing houses.
  • Medium-sized traditional publishing houses.
  • Small and independent publishing houses.
  • Hybrid publishing houses.
  • Self-publishing houses.

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