FAQ: What Books Will I Need For A Celta?

10 Recommended Books for the CELTA Course

CELTA was a fantastic way for me to meet other Native English Speaker Teachers in Korea, and we all shared a commitment to the profession and a desire to improve our teaching skills. I had so much fun on the course that I started a CELTA Group on Facebook to keep in touch with the others.

1. “Learning Teaching” by Jim Scrivener

The first book, Learning Teaching, was recommended for trainees as part of their pre-reading and preparation for the CELTA course, as it contains sections that help both experienced and inexperienced teachers improve their teaching skills.

2. “Advanced English Grammar in Use” by Raymond Murphy

If you are new to the teaching of grammar, you could purchase the lower levels of English Grammar in Use, which focuses more on the use of the Present Simple in context with daily routines and habits. You could look at some of these suggestions and personalize it for your teaching practice.

3. “Practical English Usage” by Michael Swan

Practical English Usage is one of those books that you will return to every time you use it; it was on my recommended reading list for the CELTA course, and I ordered it specially from the UK; it is incredibly informative and will help trainees prepare lessons; it is one of those books that you will return to every time you use it.

4. “Teaching English Grammar” by Jim Scrivener

Teaching English Grammar was not yet published when I took the CELTA course in 2008, and had it been available in my course, it would have greatly aided me during the lesson planning stage.

5. “Grammar for English Language Teachers” by Martin Parrott

Grammar for English Language Teachers, which was recommended for the CELTA course, is a beautifully organized book that breaks down grammar into simple chapters and, like previous reference books, allows the reader to consider some key aspects.

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6. “The Book of Pronunciation” by Jonathan Marks and Tim Bowen

The Book of Pronunciation contains some fantastic ideas for isolated lessons on a variety of pronunciation topics, including homophones, stress, intonation, and many other topics, which CELTA trainees could incorporate as part of their lesson.

7. “An A-Z of ELT” by Scott Thornbury

The A-Z of ELT by Scott Thornbury provides a quick reference for all those hard-to-remember acronyms and abbreviations, as well as some background reading on some of the theories and ideas behind language acquisition and learning.

8. “Classroom Management Techniques” by Jim Scrivener

It’s a great book for teacher training sessions because it’s easy to read and has some great illustrations, and it gives you some great ideas to consider if you’re having trouble with a class or a group of students.

What do I need for Celta qualification?

What are the prerequisites for the CELTA course?

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a near-native level of English u2013 equivalent to IELTS 7.5 or a high C1 level.
  • Your education must be sufficient to apply to university u2013 otherwise, life experience can be considered.

How do I prepare for Celta?

11 Tips for Getting Ready for the CELTA Course

  1. Read the CELTA Course Syllabus.
  2. Practice Writing a CELTA Lesson Plan.
  3. Find a Glossary of CELTA Terms.
  4. Read the Assignments.
  5. Brush up on Academic Referencing.
  6. Learn How to Reference in the Style for Your Center.

Is it worth getting a Celta?

“Is CELTA worth it?” is a question we frequently hear from potential CELTA candidates, and the answer is unmistakably yes! CELTA is the most well-respected English language teaching qualification available, and it is recognized by employers all over the world.

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Is it hard to pass Celta?

The popular 4-week intensive CELTA course will put you to the test in ways you didn’t expect: physically, emotionally, and mentally. So yes, the CELTA course is demanding, and you’ll need to be disciplined and dedicated.

Which is better CELTA or TEFL?

Because the content of the CELTA course is also geared toward people interested in teaching adults, a TEFL certificate may be a better option if you want to teach English to children.

How long is CELTA valid for?

Remember that the CELTA is directly equivalent to a Foundation degree or Higher National Diploma, and that once you’ve earned it, you’ll have it for life.

How much can a CELTA teacher earn?

Depending on the country, school, and position, a CELTA salary can range from 40,000 USD to 60,000 USD per year.

Can CELTA be done online?

CELTA is available as an online course in India in two formats to suit your needs: a full-time, intensive 5-week and 200-hour curriculum (120 contact hours plus 80 additional learning hours for course preparation) curriculum at INR 1,50,000/- and a part-time, intensive 5-week and 200-hour curriculum at INR 1,50,000/-.

Is CELTA enough to teach English?

Is a short course really enough to teach English? Yes, the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a well-respected TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) qualification that will give you all the experience and skills you need to teach English anywhere in the world.

Is CELTA equivalent to a degree?

Is the CELTA the Same as a Bachelor’s Degree? The CELTA is a level 5 qualification, which means it demonstrates specialized knowledge beyond secondary school. However, it is not the same as a bachelor’s degree, which is a level 6 qualification.

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What level is CELTA equivalent to?

CELTA was then moved from the NQF to the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), where it was accredited at Level 5. The QCF and NQF were both replaced by a single Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in January 2018, which continues to accredit CELTA at Level 5.

Does it matter where you study CELTA?

Every centre around the world must meet the University of Cambridge’s requirements; regardless of where you take your course or in what format (full-time, part-time, online-blended), you will receive the same certificate.

How many people fail the CELTA?

Will I fail the CELTA? Don’t be alarmed: the failure rate is extremely low: only 3% of the 10,000+ people who take the CELTA each year fail.

How much does CELTA online course cost?

The cost of an online CELTA course varies depending on where you take it; for example, there are 15 centers in the United States that offer online CELTA courses, with average course costs ranging from $2,500 to $3,000 USD.

Do I need Ielts for CELTA?

IELTS is not required for CELTA, but all non-native English speakers will be required to demonstrate an ability to speak and write English at a level 7.5 IELTS score, which will be assessed by your tutors during the CELTA course interview.

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