What Are Smash Books?

What is a Smash Book?

What is a smash book and what is smashbooking? Smashers are having a hard time describing this new trend, and some have even created images to illustrate the difference between scrapbooking and smashbooking because they couldn’t come up with the right words.

What is Smashbooking?

You can smash in postcards, greeting cards, magazine cutouts, favorite quotes, photos, journaling, and other tidbits of stuff without worrying about getting it neatly organized; there’s no concern here about making sure the supplies you use are acid-free.

Smash Books Vs Scrapbooks

While scrapbooking requires more planning and organization, smashing appears to be more random and likely takes less time to complete; there are no rules to following, and it opens up a lot of possibilities for what you can smash in the book.

How to Make a Smashbook?

KandCompany released SMASH books for people to smash things in, eliminating the need to buy a ton of scrapbook supplies like scrapbookers do. Each SMASH book comes with a half-pen half-glue unit, allowing you to stick on whatever you want with ease.

SMASH Book Accessories

Smashers are using new smash book accessories to decorate their pages, and here’s a list of some of the most popular ones.

Sample Pages of a SMASH Book

A smasher shows how she decorated the first few pages of her SMASH Book with scrapbook supplies; if you scrapbook, you can use scrapbook materials in your SMASH Books as well.

Do they still make Smash books?

I don’t see Smash Books as frequently as I used to, but they’re still available on Amazon.com, and you can always use other notebooks or albums.

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What is the difference between junk journal and art journal?

Combining scraps of paper, paint, and other stubs with mixed media supplies like acrylics and watercolors transforms a junk journal into an art journal! Some people use the already filled junk journals as the foundation for an art journal and then fill it with patterns and other things.

What is the purpose of junk journals?

Use a junk journal as a memory and photo keeper u2013 Because junk journals borrow a lot of scrapbooking ideas and techniques, it’s only natural that they become books for storing memories, photos, cards, tags, and other bits of ephemera that remind you of friends, family, and trips you might have taken.

Is K&company still in business?

In the year 2007, K

What is a glue book?

You can buy a blank journal and fill it with your images, or you can make a junk journal and fill the pages with lovely bits of nature, foreign lands, and color.

What is the difference between a journal and a bullet Journal?

What’s the difference between the two? I think of a bullet journal as a make-your-own planner / tracker / todo list, with extra flair optional.:) A journal, on the other hand, is a place to write about your day, feelings, and so on.

What is the difference between a bullet journal and a scrapbook?

It’s basically like making a scrapbook if you go somewhere important and want to remember it; anything that’s more every day would be a journal, not a scrapbook. Bullet journal – It’s a mix of a planner, diary, and life tracker, but it’s completely personalized to you.

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What is the difference between scrapbook and journal?

Scrapbook is a book, similar to a notebook or journal, in which personal or family memorabilia and photos are collected and organized, whereas journal is a diary or daily record of a person, organization, vessel, or other entity; daybook.

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