Readers ask: What To Use Green Books On Wizards Unite?

Restricted Section Books And Where To Get Them – Wizards Unite Wiki

Professors rely heavily on Restricted Books to unlock their strongest nodes in the profession skill tree, so they should never miss out on Brilliant events (up to 15 Restricted Section Books per event). Restricted section books are also known as “green books” because of their distinct color and visibility.

Where to get Restricted Section Books

To obtain extra books, players must farm at least 15 Restricted Section Books (RSB), which can be obtained through the Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna, as well as other future events.

Using Restricted Section Books

To max out your Profession skills, you’ll need a different amount of Restricted Books, which give you access to powerful profession nodes that can easily supercharge your character. Class-wise, you’ll want to do the following with your Restricted Section Books:.


Hex is the foundation of your gameplay, so make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities; it’ll cost you 28 RSBs, but it’ll be well worth it.


In order to maximize damage output and use of books, the Auror should focus on improving its Confusion and Weakness hexes (Improved Weakness Hex Maxima, Confusion Hex Mastery, Confusion Hex Repetitions), as well as the Professor’s Spellspot.


Before unlocking Become the Beast, which grants 40 Power at 5 Focus and isn’t cheap to obtain from start to finish, you’ll have to grind your way through the skill tree.

What are the green books in Wizards Unite?

Restricted Section Books (green books) are a unique profession currency item that can only be obtained through Brilliant Events and are one of the most valuable profession resources in Wizards Unite.

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How do you get restricted section books Wizards Unite?

Completing Special Assignments Brilliant Events is the only way to obtain Restricted Section Books.

Should I download all assets Wizards Unite?

Having all of the game’s assets stored on your device reduces the amount of communication Wizards Unite needs to do with its central servers, so it’s worth downloading the assets if you want the best possible experience with the smoothest transitions.

What books are in the restricted section?

Outward appearances

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (First Appearance)
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (film)
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (video game)
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Mentioned Only)
  • Harry Potter

How do you get red books in Wizards unite?

How to Locate Red Books in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  1. Red Books are used to obtain and upgrade certain profession skills. They can be obtained by leveling up, completing Fortresses, and as a login reward on occasion.

What happens when you switch professions in Wizards unite?

The good news is that when you switch professions in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, none of your skills or spells are lost, so if you do feel like trying out a new one, you won’t lose any progress on your old one, and you can switch back at any time.

How do I get more spell books?

The most difficult to obtain are Spell Books, which can only be obtained by battling in Fortresses. Getting the most Spell Books depends on two factors: (1) your supply of high-level Runestones (level 2-5, the higher the better) and (2) your current profession level (the highest Chamber you can battle).

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How do you get the books in the Harry Potter game?

Now that the House Pride event has ended, there is text in the game confirming that notebooks will be available in future events as well as for purchase, so players will have to participate in events or purchase them through microtransactions to get notebooks in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

How many Dada books are there in Wizards unite?

The upcoming Brilliant Event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite allows players to earn up to 10 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books, for a total of 20 DADA Books if you have earned all previous DADA Books.

Is Wizards unite offline?

The game is based on placing you on a map within the game using your real-world location, and moving around the map requires walking around in the offline world.

Why does Wizards Unite take so much space?

Unless you’ve downloaded all assets (suitcase, settings), it’ll download them as you go. All assets are over 3.5GB, so download them all on WiFi if you’re on a limited data plan.

What does downloading assets in Wizards Unite do?

To help speed up your game and possibly save data, you can download all of the assets in the game in the comfort of your own Wi-Fi, thus saving you precious data MB. Games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can be very data intensive; to help speed up your game and possibly save data, you can download all of the assets in the game in the comfort of your own Wi-Fi, thus saving you precious data MB.

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