Readers ask: What Is More Popular Audiobooks Or Real Books?

Are Audiobooks As Good For You As Reading? Here’s What Experts Say

But, when a professor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania put her assumptions to the test, she discovered no significant differences in comprehension between listening and reading. An audiobook vs. book debate may be relevant because audiobooks deny users the spatial cues they would use while reading from printed text.

Are audiobooks more popular than books?

While the percentages of print and e-book readers are similar to those found in a Center survey from 2016, the percentage of Americans who listen to audiobooks has increased from 14% to 20%, and adults aged 18 to 29 are more likely to read books than those 65 and older.

Are audiobooks more popular?

The average number of audiobooks listened to per year increased to 8.1 in 2020, up from 6.8 in 2019. According to Edison Research’s national survey of American audiobook listeners ages 18 and up, the average number of audiobooks listened to per year increased to 8.1 in 2020, up from 6.8 in 2019.

Which is better books or audiobooks?

Reading a physical book and listening to an audiobook are two different paths to the same destination; each creates unique experiences and memories, but neither is better or worse than the other. Audiobooks can also be beneficial for children.

How popular are audio books?

According to the Audio Publishers Association’s annual sales survey, sales from 24 reporting companies increased 16% in 2019 over 2018, reaching $1.2 billion, with unit sales also increasing 16%. This was the eighth year in a row that audiobook revenue increased by double digits, according to the APA.

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Who listens to audiobooks the most?

According to a survey conducted in early 2019 to investigate the audiobook listening population in the United States, only 8% of respondents aged 65 and up had listened to an audiobook in the previous year, and audiobooks were most popular among adults aged 30 to 49.

What is the most popular audiobook?

The 20 Most Popular Titles in the Last 20 Years

  • Unbroken.
  • The Power of Habit.
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People. By: Dale Carnegie.
  • Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation. By: Mark W.
  • Ep. 1: I’ve Had Better.

Why are audiobooks so expensive?

The basic reason why audiobooks are so expensive is due to their high production costs; on average, an audiobook’s ‘cost per finished hour’ is around $300 to $400, but this can increase the ‘cost per finished hour’ of an audiobook to as high as $1500 or even more.

Why is audiobook so popular?

It’s no surprise that audiobooks have a large following because they are a format that can keep up with the pace of today’s society, thereby winning the ongoing battle for people’s time and patience. As rewarding as reading a book can be, audiobooks can add a new dimension to the listening experience.

What are the most popular audiobook genres?

The following are the top five audiobook genres in terms of sales:

  • Science Fiction.
  • Fantasy.
  • Romance.
  • Business and Money.
  • Fiction % Literature.
  • Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense.

Are audiobooks faster than reading?

An audiobook reads at about 150-160 words per minute (wpm) at non-chipmunk speed; in other words, very fast readers are less linear in their reading; the average college professor reads at about 675 wpm, and true speed readers can read at about 1,500 wpm, according to one source I found.

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Should I read or listen to audio books?

Listening to a book can be just as good as reading it u2013 sometimes even better u2013 depending on the person and how they learn and retain information. For readers on the fence about trying audiobooks, there’s never been a better time.

Are audiobooks cheating?

Reading and listening both lead to comprehension, which the brain achieves by converting written or heard words into mental words u2014 a process known as decoding. In other words, listening to audiobooks isn’t “cheating,” as some die-hard readers may claim.

Are audio books any good?

Hearing new words u2014 either alone or in combination with reading them u2014 can significantly aid comprehension and vocabulary, particularly for children and second-language learners.

Are audio books reading?

Our families and teachers read stories to us long before we were able to read, and in some cases, listening to audiobooks may be even better than reading the written word. Read on to find out why we believe listening to audiobooks counts as reading.

What are the benefits of listening to audiobooks?

Audiobooks help kids “build and enhance vital literacy skills such as fluency, vocabulary, language acquisition, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, and comprehension u2014skills that often boost reading scores,” according to the Audio Publishers Association.

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