Readers ask: What Deathwatch Books Have More Player Options?

Deathwatch (role-playing game)

This article relies too heavily on primary sources; please improve it by adding secondary or tertiary sources. (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Deathwatch is a role-playing game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe that was released in 2010.


In Deathwatch, players assume the role of Space Marines, surgically modified superhumans recruited from their native Chapters (fighting units of about 1,000 men) to serve as the Inquisition’s military arm against particularly dangerous heretics and alien lifeforms.

Career paths

Apothecary – Space Marine combat medic. Assault Marine – Close combat expert with a jump pack and close-range and melee weapons. Devastator Marine – Heavy weapons expert.


The Game Master’s Kit – A game master’s screen for Deathwatch and a booklet. The Achilus Assault – A sourcebook covering the details of the Jericho Reach campaign area (ISBN-1589947788). Deathwatch – Core Rulebook, including a pre-written adventure (ISBN-1589947788).


Deathwatch is the third Fantasy Flight RPG set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and while it mechanically follows the same path as the previous two games in the series, some players have expressed concerns about the game’s limited roleplaying opportunities.


Deathwatch, a new RPG set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, has been announced by Fantasy Flight Games.

Is Deathwatch competitive?

Deathwatch have won 41% of their 9th edition games, putting them near the bottom of the rankings. They have 80 recorded games, accounting for less than 1% of competitive outcomes.

What units can Deathwatch not take?

There are also some limitations on the types of units they can field; Deathwatch are not permitted to field:

  • Attack Bike Squads.
  • Bike Squads.
  • Devastator Squads.
  • Sternguard Veteran Squads.
  • Tactical Squads.
  • Scout units.
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Does Deathwatch have a chapter master?

The Watch Fortress Commander is the highest level of command within the Deathwatch; due to the vastness of their missions and deployments, no single Chapter Master exists.

What models can Deathwatch use?

Spectrus Kill Teams are made up of four Infiltrators and one Infiltrator Sergeant, with the ability to add up to five more models from the following categories: Infiltrators, Incursors, and Reivers.

Can deathwatch use tanks?

It can become a potent anti-tank aircraft with a Twin Lascannon and two Stormstrike Missiles, or go for twin Assault Cannons and the Blackstar Rocket Launcher for some nice anti-infantry firepower, especially if the Blackstar gains the Blast special rule.

Can deathwatch use assault intercessors?

Special Issue Ammunition is not available to any of the models, and the Assault Intercessors and Outriders are currently standalone Datasheets that cannot be added to a Deathwatch Intercessors squad.

Can deathwatch use Primaris Marines?

Now that Deathwatch has access to all Marine units, they can simply construct a u201cstandardu201d Marine army using Deathwatch rules; an All Primaris Deathwatch army would be just as large as any other Primaris Marine army, but with its own set of rules.

Do deathwatch return to their chapters?

According to the most recent Deathwatch-related novels, they do not bring their own armour; instead, the Deathwatch provides it to them, and they return to their chapter after their secondment is completed, leaving the Deathwatch armour behind.

Will GREY Knights get Primaris?

However, Grey Knights are fundamentally different from other psykers in that they all use different equipment, follow different rules, and have specialized vehicles such as the Dreadknight. Adding in standard Primaris units would go against the Grey Knight theme and bring them closer to a standard marine list.

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Can Deathwatch use Devastators?

Devastators can provide Deathwatch Tactical Marine and Deathwatch Assault Marine squads with cover fire, swift and brutal counter-battery fire, or engage enemy vehicles and other heavily armoured targets as long-range fire support.

Can GREY Knights join Deathwatch?

No, grey knights are never inducted into the deathwatch; however, they may be assigned to a kill team for mission-specific reasons; this isn’t unheard of; in fact, it’s not uncommon for a chapter to request deathwatch support, and the chapter frequently assigns a veteran to aid/liaise with the kill team.

Can Deathwatch take eliminators?

Similarly, an Indomitor Kill Team allows you to take Eradicators as troops with Obsec, while Spectus allows you to take up to five Eliminators (currently capped at three per unit), allowing you to take far more Eliminators, Outriders, and Eradicators in a Deathwatch army than a regular Marine list.

What is a Deathwatch Black Shield?

A Deathwatch Black Shield, or simply a Black Shield, is a rare Astartes who has severed all ties with his previous Chapter and purposefully obscured his Chapter’s heraldry, effectively abandoning his Chapter through self-imposed exile.

Is Deathwatch a chapter?

The Deathwatch is a unique Adeptus Astartes Chapter made up entirely of Veteran Space Marines who serve the Imperial Inquisition’s Ordo Xenos as its Chamber Militant. Being chosen by one’s Chapter to serve in the Deathwatch’s Long Vigil is a great honor for any Space Marine.

Can Primaris be death company?

So, yes, Primaris can become Death Company, and if that’s the case, you KNOW the Primaris Marine can be put into Redemptor Dreadnoughts…which means we should get some Death Company Primaris Dreadnoughts…but why stop there?

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