Readers ask: What Ann Cleeves Books Are Set In Shetland?

Ann Cleeves Shetland Series 8 Books Collection Set – Young Adult – Paperback

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What is the order of Ann Cleeves Shetland books?

Ann Cleeves’s series

  • Raven Black (2006)
  • White Nights (2008)
  • Red Bones (2009)
  • Blue Lightning (2010)
  • Dead Water (2013)
  • Thin Air (2014)
  • Cold Earth (2016)
  • Wild Fire (2018)
  • Raven Black (2006)

Is Ann Cleeves writing more Shetland books?

Ann, who has written 33 books, is overjoyed that Silverprint Pictures, which adapted her Shetland and Vera books into TV dramas, has taken an option on The Long Call for a new series. Ann says, “I am delighted that they are doing the next one.”

Where are Ann Cleeves books set?

Two Rivers is the new detective series from Ann Cleeves, the author of the Shetland and Vera Stanhope series, both of which inspired hugely popular television adaptations. Set in North Devon, where the rivers Taw and Torridge meet, Two Rivers is the new detective series from Ann Cleeves, the author of the Shetland and Vera Stanhope series, both of which inspired hugely popular television adaptations.

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Which Ann Cleeves series is the best?

So why does Tosh refuse a transfer and stay in Shetland? u201cBecause they needed me to do another series!u201d she exclaims, a characteristic of O’Donnell’s. u201cNo, she’s just not ready to leave. It’s that saying, ‘wherever you go, there you are.’

What happened to Perez wife in Shetland?

DI Jimmy Perez moved back to Shetland after the death of his wife, Fran, several years ago to provide a secure home for himself and his daughter Cassie, but now that Cassie is off to university in Glasgow, Perez finds himself having to re-evaluate his life.

Why does Di Perez have a Spanish name?

Pu00e9rez is a patronymic surname with Spanish origins that means “son of Pero or Pedro (Peter).” It has a Portuguese counterpart, Peres, that has the same meaning and etymology but is written with a final “s” instead of a “z” and without the accent.

Is Perez a Shetland name?

Nope, Scottish. (Perez isn’t a typical Scottish surname, but Jimmy explains how he got it in one of the episodes.)

Who is Cassie’s real father in Shetland?

Duncan Hunter is Cassie’s biological father; as a serial philanderer, Duncan’s second marriage is now under the same strain as his first to Fran; as a result, Duncan is an indulgent father to Cassie, which occasionally causes him to clash with Jimmy.

Is Ann Cleeves still writing?

She’s just finished the first book in a new series set in North Devon, where she grew up, and while she won’t be writing books set in her beloved Shetland any longer, Scotland will always hold a special place in Ann’s heart.

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What is Ann Cleeves writing now?

Ann celebrated the publication of 30 novels in 30 years in the autumn of 2016, the latest of which is The Heron’s Cry, the second in the ‘Two Rivers’ series. Ann was the castaway on BBC Radio 4’s iconic Desert Island Discs on Sunday 17th February 2019.

How old is Ann Cleeves?

The Vera Stanhope Book Series ( 9 Books ) is a series of books written by Vera Stanhope.

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