Readers ask: Overdrive Books What Happens Once Diwnloaded?

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Your History page lists all of the titles you’ve borrowed from your local library’s digital collection, as well as titles you’ve manually added. Each title on your History page is labeled with the date of the loan or the date you manually added it; if you borrow a title more than once, it will appear in your history multiple times.

Removing titles

If you remove a title from your history that is listed more than once, it will be removed from all instances. To remove a title, go to your History page and select, then Remove from history.

Importing your rated titles

Using the Add rated titles button, you can add rated titles to your gaming history; if a rated title is already on your history, you won’t be able to add it again until you’ve added it for the first time.

When you download a book on OverDrive where does it go?

Find your library’s digital collection in the OverDrive app (see specific steps for Android [including Fire tablets], Chromebooks, iOS, or Windows 8/10). Once you’ve found it, click or tap the collection name to begin browsing, and the collection will be saved to your library list in the app.

How do I read downloaded books on OverDrive?

To get started, open your web browser and borrow a title from your library that is available in the OverDrive Read format, then click or tap the Read now in browser button to start reading it in OverDrive Read right away.

Can I listen to OverDrive books offline?

To borrow and download titles, watch streaming videos, or sync your progress to your OverDrive account, you’ll need an internet connection; however, once you’ve downloaded ebooks and audiobooks, you can read or listen to them without one.

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How do I make my OverDrive ebooks forever?

Simply go to your Account section and open the Checkouts page; the Renew option will appear next to each title on your list three days before the lending period’s expiration date on Overdrive.

Whats the difference between Libby and OverDrive?

Libby is a newer app that doesn’t yet have all of the features that the OverDrive app does, such as the ability to recommend titles for purchase or robust accessibility features. OverDrive is the “classic” app and is compatible with more devices, including the Kindle Fire and Windows mobile devices.

How do I use OverDrive?

To get started, open your web browser and borrow an audiobook from your library that is available in the OverDrive Listen format, then click or tap the Listen now in browser button to start listening to it right away using OverDrive Listen.

How do you borrow books on OverDrive?

How to use the OverDrive app to borrow and enjoy titles

  1. Add your library to the app and open its digital collection.
  2. Find an available title in your library’s collection and tap Borrow.
  3. Choose a lending period for the title (if available).

How do I authorize a device on OverDrive?

OverDrive is available for Android, Amazon Fire tablets, and Chromebooks.

  1. Select the icon in the top-left corner of the OverDrive app to open the Home menu, then Settings.
  2. Select Deauthorize.
  3. Once the app is deauthorized, select Authorize.

How do I download an ebook from OverDrive?

Open the OverDrive app, click or tap the Home menu icon in the top-left corner, and then select Files. Select the audiobook parts you want to download, then select Download or Download all.

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How do I read OverDrive offline?

To save the book for offline reading, select Offline Access from the OverDrive Read menu, then Start Download on most devices. Make sure to bookmark the eBook in your browser or save the eBook’s URL so you can return to it once you’re offline.

Can you listen to books on Libby without WIFI?

Libby does not support per-file audiobook download management; instead, you can stream the book if you’re concerned about storage, or you can download the book if you’re concerned about data (or you’re frequently offline).

Can you read EBooks without WIFI?

A: You can read books without wifi. While some people claim that the only time they leave wifi on is to download books, keep in mind that if you don’t leave wifi on, your other kindle reader apps (phone, PC, etc.) will not sync up with where you left off on your kindle reader.

Do OverDrive eBooks automatically return?

If you’d like to return a title early to free up space in your library account, use one of the sections below. All digital titles are automatically returned on their due dates, so you’ll never have to worry about late fees.

Can you renew books on OverDrive?

To renew a title, go to your Loans page and sign in if prompted. Under the title you’d like to renew, select the Renew button.

How long can you keep a book on OverDrive?

The loan period or lending period for an e-book or audiobook is 21 days. Learn how in the Overdrive or Libby apps.

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