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The Essential Franklin Richards Reading Order!

Franklin Richards is an omega level mutant and a child of the Fantastic Four. Few characters in Marvel comics have had the power to completely change the course of Marvel history. Below is a list of the most important Franklin Richards stories throughout Marvel’s history, in chronological order.

The Birth of Franklin!

Franklin first appeared in the Fantastic Four Annual #6 in 1968, and he begins to develop his mutant powers well before puberty, almost as a toddler. He joins the team in Power Pack #17, and works with them for the majority of the run. Franklin ages himself to adulthood as his powers run wild.

Franklin and the X-Men

Franklin the Psi-Lord first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #141 to #142, and was a key figure in the classic “Days of Future Past/ Days of Future Present” crossover. He used his reality-warping abilities to create entire universes for Marvel’s “Heroes Reborn” initiative.

Franklin The Everlasting

Franklin becomes a time-traveling ultra-powerful Franklin who wields Galactus as his Herald during Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four and FF. This is also the run in FF continuity where Franklin becomes a surly teen.

What comics are Franklin Richards in?

Franklin Richards is a comic book artist.

  • Fantastic Four #34. Slott, Silva.
  • Fantastic Four #30. Slott, Carlos.
  • Fantastic Four #28. Cantwell, Andrade.
  • Fantastic Four #26. Slott, Silva.
  • Fantastic Four #25. Slott, Medina.
  • Empyre: Fallout Fantastic Four #1. Slott, Medina.
  • Empyre: Fallout Fantastic Four

Who is Franklin Richards in the Marvel Universe?

Franklin Richards, the son of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four, was revealed to be the most powerful mutant in the Marvel Universe last year in the History of the Marvel Universe #3 series.

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Is Franklin Richards a cosmic entity?

Franklin Richards is a powerful mutant who travels the universe with the Fantastic Four (FF), Earth’s first family of super heroes. While his cosmic-level powers attract super villains, he knows that no matter how bad things get, his family will always do what they can for him.

Is Franklin Richards stronger than Thanos?

6 Franklin Richards His ability to create and manipulate universes poses a clear threat to Thanos, and his cosmic powers and abilities to alter reality led the Celestials to label him as a mutant with Omega levels, putting him in a position to be more powerful than Thanos in several ways.

Is Franklin Richards stronger than Jean GREY?

Franklin Richards is far more powerful than Jean Grey, and no, the Phoenix Force isn’t a normal source of power for her; Franklin could possibly defeat her with the Phoenix Force, but an unbounded Phoenix Force should take Franklin out.

Is Franklin Richards stronger than Scarlet Witch?

Franklin is the son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, and he is quite possibly the most powerful Omega-level mutant on the planet. There is no doubt that when Franklin grows up, he will be far more powerful than Scarlet Witch, despite the fact that his child-level abilities cannot compare to her reality-destroying abilities.

Is Franklin Richards an Omega level mutant?

Despite not being a mutant himself (though he was mistaken for one for most of his appearances), Franklin is an enormously powerful being with vast reality-manipulating and psionic powers far beyond Omega level mutants.

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What is Franklin Richards weakness?

Franklin’s powers can be burnt out by overuse, but they fade much more slowly on Krakoa. Franklin used up all of his powers in a single punch in battle, leaving him a depowered mutant.

Who can beat Galactus?

Here are the top ten contenders for defeating Galactus, the world eater, on their own!

  • Mr. Fantastic.
  • Silver Surfer.
  • Abraxas.
  • Amastu-Mikaboshi.
  • Doctor Strange.
  • Iron Man.
  • Franklin Richards.
  • Thanos.
  • Thanos

Can anyone beat Franklin Richards?

Franklin Richards, the son of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman, is a mutant with the ability to do almost anything. He spent years with his parents recreating the lost multiverse before returning to his home universe.

Who is the strongest Xmen?

Here’s a ranking of some of the most powerful Ultimate X-Men.

  1. Jean Grey is the most powerful member of the Ultimate X-Men team, which should come as no surprise.
  2. 2 Professor Xavier.
  3. 3 Rogue.
  4. 4 Iceman.
  5. 5 Kitty Pryde.
  6. 6 Nightcrawler.
  7. 7 Psylocke.
  8. 8 Wolverine.

Why is Reed Richards hair GREY?

A friend of mine began graying in his early thirties, primarily due to stress, and Reed’s service in World War II was featured in several early Fantastic Four issues, along with that of his best friend, Ben Grimm, the Thing.

Can Franklin Richards beat Galactus?

Franklin Richards didn’t exactly defeat Galactus; instead, he resurrected him and turned him into his own herald. Franklin has even fought and defeated the Celestials.

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