Quick Answer: What Is An Alternate Addition For Books?

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How to add another edition of a book to goodreads?

Click “other editions” in the upper right corner of the book page, then click the edition you want, then click the green want-to-read/shelf button to shelve it however you want. Alternatively, search for the edition you want to add by isbn/asin (from “my books” or the top search bar on Goodreads) and then add it.

How do I add an alternate cover edition to Goodreads?

Only Goodreads Librarians or Goodreads Authors can create alternate cover editions, so post a request in the Goodreads Librarians Group if you need one added.

When creating an alternate cover edition ace what is the correct date to enter as the publication date of the new alternate cover edition?

Note: For an alternate-cover edition, the publication date should be the date the book was released with the new cover, not the date the book with that ISBN or ASIN was first published.

How do you get different covers on Goodreads?

Unfortunately, viewing all book editions on Goodreads on Kindle or Android is not yet possible; however, you can see a complete list of editions on the Goodreads desktop site by hovering over the book’s cover and clicking other editions on the main book page.

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How do I add a book that isn’t on Goodreads?

If you can’t find a book using our search engine after entering an author or title, you have three options:

  1. The third option is to post a request in the Goodreads Librarians group, following these guidelines.
  2. Search by ISBN/ASIN.
  3. Add the book yourself by clicking on manually add book on the right side of the search page.

How do you indicate the length of an audiobook?

“Information regarding audiobook length (use the description field and see page numbering),” the Librarian’s Manual advises in the editions field. “For audio books, the number of hours rounded up should be used in lieu of number of pages,” the Librarian’s Manual advises in the page numbering field.

What kind of data can be included in the title field?

Other information, such as binding, edition number, or language, should be moved out of the title field and into fields specific to that information. Series information may also be included in the title field.

How do Goodreads librarians use the words combine and merge?

While the terms combine and merge are often used interchangeably, Goodreads Librarians often use them to mean very different things. Combining refers to joining two or more editions into one work, whereas merging refers to joining two editions that are actually duplicates and then deleting one.

What material can be included in the total page count for the number of pages of a book?

End material may include acknowledgments, afterwords, appendices, bibliographies, glossaries, indexes, notes, and suggested discussion questions, and the number of pages in a book is meant to include all content except advertisements and preview chapters for other books.

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How should book series that are made up entirely of novellas be numbered?

Anthologies and omnibus volumes/collections, as well as any other special works (such as individual volumes republished in multiple parts), should be placed after all primary works, not mixed in with them. Please place anthologies and omnibus volumes/collections, as well as any other special works (such as individual volumes republished in multiple parts), after all primary works, not mixed in with them.

Who can set the default edition of the book?

At this time, only Goodreads Authors have the ability to set the default edition.

How does Goodreads differentiate authors with the same name?

To distinguish between authors with the same name, we use spaces between them. need to be added to this Tim Miller (https://www.goodreads.com/author/show)

Can I use book cover images from Goodreads?

Author and publisher websites, library websites, and various other public archives are acceptable sources for cover images; however, we cannot legally use cover images from booksellers, with the exception of Amazon, which now allows their covers to be used on Goodreads as well.

How do I upload my book cover to Goodreads?

Assuming you have a ready-to-upload image:

  1. On the specific edition’s page, click “edit details.”
  2. Below “Add a cover image for this book.”, click “Choose,” then find and select your image file.
  3. Click upload photo, and you’re done.

How do you change books on Goodreads app?

To expand the book metadata section, click More Details below the book description, then All Editions. On the next page, find your preferred edition and click the Switch to This Edition button.

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