Quick Answer: What Is A Variant Cover On Comic Books?

Variant covers are killing comics… again

Variant covers have become a crutch to support the financially limping comics industry, but they also bring out the worst in retailers, publishers, and collectors. It sometimes seems as if the comics business is trying to bury itself.
Marvel did cover variants for its mega-successful House of X/Powers of X limited series, and both of the Big 2 regularly have Cover A and B variants for new books. David Finch: Some variant covers will only be seen by a fraction of the potential audience. Publishers know this and are taki.

Why do comics have variant covers?

Variant covers are a big part of comic book collecting, with each cover giving readers something new to collect, but critics say it’s just another way for publishers to get people to buy the same comic multiple times.

Are comic book variant covers valuable?

Do those count as variant covers? Brian: Yes, they do. They’re sometimes in 50/50 or 60/40 distribution and might not be significantly marked up in price because they’re not exactly rare, but the answer is also no, because the companies themselves don’t always refer to them as such.

How do you tell if a comic is a variant?

The best way to identify a Convention Variant is to look for the logo and year of the specific convention it was sold at on the front or back cover of the comic book, such as SDCC 2018 or SDCC ’18 on a limited convention variant sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

What is a marvel variant edition?

A variant cover (also known as a variant edition) is a comic book issue that has multiple covers, some of which are just a different artist’s version of the cover or have a different art style. For a complete list of currently added variant covers, go here.

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Which comic book has the most variant covers?

With 145 different covers, The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) No. 666 holds the record for the most variants in a single issue.

What is the rarest comic book in the world?

New Adventure Comics #26 was first published in 1938, during the early days of DC Comics, and according to the CGC database, there are only 9 registered copies, making it the world’s rarest comic book.

How do you know if a comic book is valuable?

The simplest way to tell if your comics are u201cgoodu201d is to look at the cover price. Almost all comic books have the retail cover price at the time of publication on the front, with the more valuable ones having 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c, or 25c on the front.

What does variant mean in Loki?

Sophia Di Martino as The Variant in Loki (Disney Plus) A variant is a term coined by the Time Variance Authority to describe someone who does something they shouldn’t in the MCU’s so-called “Sacred Timeline,” and thus diverges into an alternate timeline.

Are comics worth collecting?

Modern comic books are fun to collect and read, but if you want to make a long-term investment out of a portion of your collection, look for investment-grade books. In our example, most Modern Age comic books will need to be a 9.8 to meet the investment-grade criteria.

How do you know if a comic is first edition?

The first three numbers 001 represent the issue number; the fourth number represents the cover; a 1 indicates the regular cover; a 2 or 3 indicates a variant cover; and the fifth and final number represents the printing; a 1 indicates the issue is a first printing.

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How do you tell if a comic book is a reprint?

Check the age. Reprinted comic books, like paperback novels, will list when they were first printed and which reprint run they belong to. First editions usually have a “#1” or “First Edition” printed on the cover, or in the indicia, if applicable.

What does a 1/25 variant mean?

A 1:25 variant means that one variant is printed for every 25 regular covers printed, which may or may not be the case. When ordering a ratio variant, shops must purchase a certain number of books in order to receive the ratio variant.

Why is Loki a woman?

After the events of Ragnarok in Asgard, Loki is reborn as a woman, known simply as Lady Loki, in the comics, but even that wasn’t entirely innocent: when Thor and his fellow Asgardians were to be reborn in new bodies on Earth, Loki stole the body meant for Sif.

How many variant covers are there?

The variant cover craze began in 1986 and was quickly embraced by fans worldwide; it was then bolstered in 1991 by Marvel Comics’ X-MEN #1, which set the world record for the best-selling comic of all time, thanks to the incredible collection of five variant covers released for the issue.

Is Valiant comics still in business?

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our team during these uncertain times, so we’ve been operating remotely since mid-March due to Covid-19, PLUS the return of Ninjak in 2021, starring Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido’s dream team.

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