Quick Answer: What Books Level Should A 3rd Grader Read?

20 Must-Read Favorites for Third Grade

It can be difficult to keep students interested in reading throughout the year. Captain Underpants, Junie B. Jones, Cam Jansen, and others are some of the must-reads for third grade. Take a look at these books that will keep students reading throughout the year.
Will Cam and her best friend Eric be able to solve the mystery of a deserted house? Henry “Box” Brown has no idea how old he is.

What kind of books should a 3rd grader be reading?

Reading List for 3rd Grade Books

  • E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web (Paperback)
  • E.B. White’s Stuart Little (Paperback)
  • Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach (Hardcover)
  • Roald Dahl’s The BFG (Paperback)
  • Freckle Juice (Paperback)
  • Little House in the Big Woods (Little House, #1)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie Buck

What AR reading level should a 3rd grader be at?

AR 3.0-3.9 in 3rd grade.

What are the reading levels by grade?


  • Kindergarten: A u2013 4.
  • First Grade: 4 u2013 16.
  • Second Grade: 16 u2013 24.
  • Third Grade: 24 u2013 38.
  • Fourth Grade: 38 u2013 40.
  • Fifth Grade: 40 u2013 50.
  • Sixth Grade: 50 u2013 60.
  • Seventh and eighth grades: 60 u2013 80.

What should a 3rd grader be reading?

3rd graders can read simple chapter books on their own, but they still need a lot of practice and time reading aloud. Look for books 2.2u20133.9, Guided Reading level L-P, and Lexile 400u2013650 at the library.

How do I know my child’s reading level?

The Lexile score, or measure, describes your child’s reading ability and matches them with books and other reading materials. The Lexile score, or measure, ranges from 0L to 2000L and describes your child’s reading ability and matches them with books and other reading materials.

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What is a level 4 reading level?

Level 4 books are for children who are well on their way to becoming book lovers and fully independent readers, and include more historical fiction titles, such as Dinosaur Hunter and First Flight, as well as adventure and suspense books, and the stories are the most advanced of all the I Can Read! levels.

What reading level should a 1st grader be on?

A first-grader’s reading level should be between 3 and 12; higher reading levels indicate that they’re near the top of their class, but there’s always room for improvement; your child’s reading level may fall below or rise above the range in some cases; practice and proper tutoring will help them improve their reading level.

What does level M mean in reading?

Level M readers can read and understand difficult sentences, and reading tricky words is smooth and automatic in both silent and oral (out loud) reading. They also know the characteristics of a variety of genres (different types of text) such as fantasy, realistic fiction, informational texts, and biography.

What is level F in reading?

Readers at level F are starting to notice and understand the differences between different types of books; in fiction, your child is meeting more complicated characters, and in nonfiction books, your child is learning more new facts about topics.

What should a 1st grader be able to read?

What kinds of books should a first-grader be able to read?

  • They should be able to recognize about 150 sight words or high-frequency words. They should be able to tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction texts. They should be able to recognize the first word, capitalization, and punctuation.
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What is the highest reading level?

The reader’s Lexile Framework works in five-point increments, with 5L being the lowest and 2000L being the highest. Anything below 5L is classified as a BR, or Beginning Reader. MetaMetricssup>/sup> analyzes a book’s Lexile measure.

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