Quick Answer: What Books In Literature Clep Test?

English Literature

The English Literature exam assesses both knowledge and ability, assuming that test takers have read widely and developed an appreciation for English literature, as well as being familiar with common literary terms like metaphor and personification. The exam consists of approximately 95 questions that must be answered in 90 minutes.

60%–65% Ability to:

Exam covers literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present, and asks test takers to identify the author of a representative quotation or recognize the time period in which an excerpt was written.

How hard is American Literature CLEP?

The Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP is a difficult exam to describe; it assesses your ability to read and comprehend prose and poetry, as well as your ability to write two essays answering two different questions if your school requires you to take the optional essay portion.

What should I study for CLEP?

How to Study for the CLEP Exams

  • Review the CLEP exam overviews. The College Board lists all 33 of its CLEP exams on its website.
  • Take CLEP practice exams. CLEP practice tests are one of the best ways to study for CLEP exams.

What is English Literature CLEP?

The CLEP English Literature exam is a test that is used to assess a student’s knowledge and abilities in English Literature. It consists of 95 questions that must be completed in 90 minutes. With its help, you should be able to pass the CLEP English Literature exam with little to no difficulty.

Are there study guides for CLEP exams?

Official practice questions for all 34 CLEP exams, published by the College Board. Helpful guides to earning college credit, evaluating a college’s CLEP policy, and applying for credit are all included in the CLEP Official Study Guide, which is the only official CLEP guide created by the test developers.

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Are CLEP exams hard to pass?

Study guides are available to help you prepare for CLEP exams; some people have used study guides to pass CLEP exams in a short period of time with no prior knowledge of the subjects.

Are CLEP exams easy?

For example, College Composition Modular and Analyzing and Interpreting Literature both have a reputation for being among the easiest CLEP exams, but non-native English speakers may find them difficult.

Are CLEP exams worth it?

Benefits of CLEP Exams CLEP exams are affordable even with additional costs such as $10 study guides, and they can help you get a degree faster. While a college undergraduate degree can take four to six years, CLEP exams can reduce that time to as little as one year.

What happens if you fail a CLEP exam?

If you fail, the College Board will keep your failed score until you retake the test, at which point they will replace your old score with your new score, leaving the College Board with no trace of your first failed score.

How do I pass CLEP?

5 Study Techniques for CLEP Exams

  1. Review the College Board’s specific information about each exam you plan to take.
  2. Take free or paid CLEP practice tests online and review your results.
  3. Schedule your study sessions when you won’t be distracted.

How long is the English CLEP exam?

It is assumed that test takers have read widely and developed an appreciation for English literature, that they are familiar with the basic literary periods, and that they are aware of the historical development of English literature. The exam consists of approximately 95 questions that must be answered in 90 minutes.

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What can I expect from an English literature exam?

In the exam, you will be given a short extract from the play, followed by a choice of two essay questions, each worth 10 points (plus 4 points for spelling, grammar, and punctuation).

Can you take CLEP exams online?

CLEP now allows test takers to take a CLEP exam at home with remote proctoring; more information about testing remotely can be found below.

How many CLEP exams can you take?

You can take as many CLEP exams as your test center allows; some test centers limit you to one test per day, but the College Board and the CLEP program do not have a limit on how many tests you can take in a single day.

How many questions are on CLEP exams?

Both exams have 120 questions that assess your reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities u2014 one for two semesters and one for four semesters u2014 with two listening sections and one reading section in each.

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