Quick Answer: What Books Do You Discover In Sans Lab?

Papyrus and Sans’s House

Christmas decorations adorn Papyrus and Sans’s House, which is unlocked after the protagonist befriends Papyrus. To the left of the house is Sans’s mailbox, which is full of junk mail, and Papyrus’s empty mailbox.


Sans’s room contains the Dog Shrine and Mad Mew Mew’s encounter room, and it can be unlocked if the protagonist has not gained any EXP by the time they reach the Last Corridor. Papyrus’s toolshed can be used as a makeshift prison if the protagonist loses to Papyrus during his battle.

First Floor

The first floor of this house has a living room and kitchen, with a television that is always tuned to one of Mettaton’s shows when it is turned on, and a stove with an empty pie tin, a trash can, a tall sink, and a refrigerator labeled “spaghetti.”

What is inside sans room?

Sans’s room is a mess, with a self-sustaining tornado of trash, an unused treadmill with a note that reads “the truth is that you got owned, nerd.,” a dirty sock pile, a worn mattress with sheets bundled up in a strange creasy ball, an uncovered pillow, a “thank you” letter addressed to Santa, and a stuffed animal.

Does sans really have 1 hp?

Sans has more than 1 HP! As you may know, if you check Sans in battle, it says he has 1 HP and that his ability to dodge makes him strong; however, if you talk to the baby bunny in the hotel in Snowdin, he says that sleeping can make your HP go higher than your Max HP, and Sans sleeps a lot!

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What is Papyrus secret?

He changes into his “secret style” halfway through the date/hangout with Papyrus: a backward baseball cap, a t-shirt that reads “Cool Dude,” small shorts with buttons, gloves with striped trim, knee-high socks, and sneakers, as well as basketballs on his shoulders, most likely Mettaton’s MTT-Brand FashionBall.

Do sans like Frisk?

Sans is not apathetic toward Frisk; in fact, he considers him a friend! Asriel specifically names Sans as one of the monsters who care deeply about Frisk, and so we come to the end of a journey in which Sans has demonstrated his concern for Frisk.

Is Gaster Sans dad?

Here are some facts that may prove that Gaster is not the father of Sans and Papyrus. Remember, this is just a theory, and you can believe whatever you want.

Are Sans and Toriel together?

Sans and Toriel do not meet in person until the end of the True Pacifist Route, as well as the Family and Exiled Queen endings, where they have become good friends, having begun their friendship by telling jokes to each other through the Ruins and Snowdin door.

Why does SANS only have 1 hp?

With so little information about Sans, it’s unclear why he only has 1HP. In terms of the game’s code, his HP isn’t used to calculate how much health he has left, and the health bar isn’t even drawn because the code sets drawbar to 0, which means false.

Why does SANS only have one eye?

He has the eye because I believe he absorbed the human souls; the reason sans is so powerful is because he has the human souls; also, asgore could be too weak to wield the human souls for himself; after all, a human soul is extremely powerful, and only someone without one (eg.

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What is horror sans afraid of?

Horror despises the Underground’s new ruler, Undyne, or “Queen Undick,” as he refers to her, and Sans has suggested that Undyne would be better off dead, all because he was brought in to help her fix the CORE.

Who does Sans have a crush on?

Sans and Undyne are both interested in teasing the other members of the group, particularly Asgore, who has a crush on Toriel.

Is Underswap Sans a Yandere?

Despite what Blueberry has said, he is not a Yandere and has no strong feelings for Fell!

Does Papyrus have a crush on Frisk?

He also has a thing for the protagonist, as evidenced by his dolls of himself, Frisk, and Sans, who was apparently getting married to Frisk and, despite the fact that he wasn’t invited, said Papyrus was his best man.

Why is frisk yellow?

Frisk has yellow skin because, unlike a smiley, emoji, or a Lego mini-figure, they don’t have a defined race; regardless of your skin color, age, gender, religion, or language, you can relate to Frisk.

Can Sans stop smiling?

In the end, it’s unclear whether Sans can open and close his mouth in canon, but it’s more likely that he can only move the corners of his smile; either way, his signature smile is an important part of his final design.

Why does Sans fight Frisk?

Sparing Sans means the player and thus Frisk are giving up their genocidal ways; they can’t bear killing Sans, so their Humanity has triumphed over their demonic lust to destroy the world; if Sans accepts, Frisk will reset and redo the pacifist route, saving their soul.

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