Quick Answer: What Are International Edition Books?


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How do you know if a book is international edition?

An international edition of a textbook can be identified by looking at the cover or the inside publication information; a sticker or copy labels the book as a “low price edition” or “international edition (abbreviated IE).” If the book is an international edition, it is often noted on a bookselling platform.

What is the difference between international edition and regular edition textbooks?

An international edition is a textbook published outside of the United States that is usually significantly less expensive than textbooks published in the United States. The content may be identical to the US version, or there may be differences such as the book cover, ISBN, pagination, or region code.

Why are international edition textbooks cheaper?

International editions are less expensive because they are printed in a less expensive format: paperback rather than hardcover, and black and white in some cases.

Are international edition textbooks legal?

Is it legal to buy and sell International Edition textbooks? There’s a lot of misinformation about International Edition textbooks out there, so let’s clear some things up right away. Yes, thanks to a landmark Supreme Court case called Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., you are legally allowed to buy and sell International Edition textbooks.

What’s the difference between an international edition and US Edition?

An international edition is a version of a booku2014usually a textbooku2014that has been published for distribution outside of the United States. Most international editions have different ISBNs than the United States edition, have different covers, and are printed on lower-quality paper.

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Are international books the same as US edition?

All units, page numbers, and problem sets are guaranteed to be the same, or your money back; in some cases, the book is exactly identical in every way to the US Edition, except for the word “International” printed on the cover.

Is Priority textbooks a legit site?

Priority Textbook has a 1.59 star rating based on 52 reviews, indicating that the majority of customers are dissatisfied with their purchases. Customers who complain about Priority Textbook most frequently mention customer service and return shipping issues. Priority Textbook is ranked 61st among Textbooks sites.

What are metric books?

SI books are technology books in which measurements are taken using System International Units, whereas Metric editions are books in which the measurements are taken using Metric units.

What is a value edition textbook?

NOTE: This edition contains the same content as the traditional text, but in a more convenient three-hole-punched, loose-leaf format. Student Value Editions are also a great value; this format is significantly less expensive than a new textbook.

What does Indian edition mean?

What’s the difference? International editions are printed in the United States for use in the United States, while Indian editions are printed in India for use in India.

What is an alternate edition textbook?

What are other editions / alternate versions? These books are identical to the student edition in content, but they may have additional publisher markings on them that say u201cInstructor’s Editionu201d or something similar.

How many digits are there in ISBN?

ISBNs used to be 10 digits long until the end of December 2006, but since January 1, 2007, they have always been 13 digits long.

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What is the difference between different editions of textbooks?

2 Page Numbers New editions of textbooks frequently have different page numbers than previous editions, which can be due to minor changes that affect all subsequent page numbers, or to the book being reformatted.

What is Rrmcg textbook?

Enhancing the Lessons of Experience in Leadership (RRMCG)

How often do new editions of textbooks come out?

Approximately 70% of publishers release a new edition of their book every three or four years, and new editions have been critical to the balance sheets of large publishers such as Pearson and McGraw Hill; they typically cost 60% more than previous editions.

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