Quick Answer: Half Price Books Good Quality Means What?

I Sold Some Books at Half Price Books – What to Expect When Selling

I would rather give the books and other items to friends and relatives or donate them to the library or Goodwill for the pittance we received. was already at Half Price Books, and these were items we didn’t want in our house anymore. for the pittance we received, I would rather give the books and other items to friends and relatives or donate them to the library or Goodwill.

Selling Books for Extra Money

If you want to make some extra spending money, sell your books. There are plenty of websites that will accept your textbooks, and if you don’t want to spend the money on Amazon gift cards, you can sell them on eBay. The disadvantages include not knowing how much you’ll get, and the cost of shipping some hardback textbooks.

Are Half Price Books good?

I frequently order from various HBP on Amazon and occasionally HPB.com, and the condition of the books is always accurate, and often better than what they claim. Always great condition books and they ship quickly.

What does it mean when a book is in good condition?

Fair (F) shows wear and tear but all text pages, illustrations, or maps are present; it may lack endpapers, half-title, and even the title page. Good (G) describes the condition of an average used worn book that is complete; any defects must be noted.

How do you grade a condition of a book?

Guide to Book Condition

  1. Near Fine (NF) Clean, with no defects, but may show slight wear at the edges of the book or dust jacket.
  2. Very Good (VG) Shows signs of wear.
  3. Good (G) Average used book with all pages present.
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How Much Does Half Price Books usually pay?

The average Half Price Books annual salary ranges from approximately $40,435 for a Bookseller to $58,233 for a Store Manager, with hourly pay ranging from $12 for a Sales Associate to $30 for an Assistant Manager.

Is Half Price Books owned by Amazon?

Half Price Books sells new and used books at a discount on its own website HPB.com and on marketplaces such as Amazon.com Inc. (4 in the 2018 Online Marketplaces database) and AbeBooks.com, an Amazon subsidiary.

Is Half Price Books going out of business?

Half Price Books, which operates 126 stores in 17 states and employs approximately 3,000 people, became the largest U.S. bookstore chain to close its doors as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

What does very good mean in used books?

Good (G): Describes the average used worn book with all pages or leaves present. Any defects should be noted by the seller. Very Good (VG): Describes a book that shows some small signs of wear – but no tears – on either binding or paper. Any defects should be noted by the seller.

How do you describe a worn book?

Fair – is a worn book with complete text pages, including those with maps or plates, but may lack endpapers, half title, etc., which must be noted. Good – is a worn book with complete text pages, including those with maps or plates, but may lack endpapers, half title, etc., which must be noted.

What is acceptable condition?

After any Casualty or Condemnation that affects the Property, Acceptable Condition means that the Property has been restored to substantially the same condition as it was immediately prior to the applicable Casualty or Condemnation.

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Can books be graded?

It should be noted that Very Fine books are relatively uncommon in the real world, and that most Antiquarian Booksellers use Fine as their highest condition grading. (The term “As New,” like the colloquial terms “Mint” and “Gift Quality,” is really an informal grading category.)

Is fair condition better than good?

The system or network’s infrastructure is in fair to good condition; it is showing signs of deterioration and requires attention; the infrastructure is in poor to fair condition and mostly below standard, with many elements nearing the end of their service life.

What is acceptable condition on used books?

All pages and the cover are intact, but the shrink wrap, dust covers, or boxed set case may be missing; pages may have limited notes, highlighting, or minor water damage, but the text is readable; the item may be missing the dust cover.

How much money do you get for selling books to Half Price Books?

Half Price Books offered me about 30 cents to 50 cents per book (which were in “like new” condition), whereas they were selling the same books for $4-$5 per book.

Does Amazon buy books back?

Pros: Through its Textbooks Trade-In program, Amazon will buy almost any book imaginable. When logged in, Amazon populates the buyback page with suggestions to sell previous Amazon purchases; however, you can trade in other books with an ISBN, and shipping is included.

Can you sell books at Barnes and Noble?

In order to participate in Sell Your Textbooks, you must have at least $10.00 worth of books to sell; Sell Your Textbooks is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged books.

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