Question: What Color Books Sell The Most?

How To Master The Color Theory in Book Cover Design

Have you ever wondered why most business books use dominant blue or orange colors, and why romance books frequently include a pink or red element? Read on to learn more about book cover design and how to use it to effectively promote your book.

The importance of colors in book cover design

Colors, tones, palettes, and color combinations are all subject to a science, and your book cover is the perfect place to apply those rules. In an interview with Joanna Penn, Stuart Bache brought up an interesting point about color theory.

How to choose a color for your book cover design

Color perception is mostly formed on a subconscious level, making it difficult to follow the rules. Color perception is mostly formed on a subconscious level, so it’s necessary to build a balance in color and tone even in the first sketch stages.

How the book cover colors communicate with the audience

To meet the expectations of your target audience, we strongly recommend following the color design adopted in your genre. Pro-tip: When choosing a color palette for your book cover, do proper research.

Colors as a marketing tool for a book cover

Color psychology can be used as a marketing technique to get readers’ attention. The main idea is to evoke certain emotions to make people want to pick up the book. People have strong emotional reactions and associations with colors, so color psychology can be used to get readers’ attention.

Book cover color psychology

Every color represents and evokes a specific feeling, so how does this work in book cover design? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular book covers from around the world.


Red is associated with an active lifestyle, energy, confidence, and enthusiasm, as well as passion and dominance. As a result, red color increases heart rate and boosts energy levels, as well as attracting attention, which can sometimes indicate danger.


Orange symbolizes the passion of the struggle and the demonic beginning of the war, and it has a beneficial effect on human psychology, reducing tension in conflicts. However, it displaces other colors associated with the shock effect, and in this case, orange symbolizes the passion of the struggle and the demonic beginning of the war.

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Bold yellow stimulates ambition, motivation, and creativity by influencing the left side of the human brain, which is responsible for logic. Yellow stimulates brain activity and imagination. Pale yellow is the color of a good mood; it eliminates apathy and anxiety.


Light green is associated with nature, vitality, environment, and health; dark green can also be associated with evil or darkness in the human mind (greetings from Harry Potter and The Hobbit book covers), while dark green is associated with magic, mysterious light, and paranormal phenomena (greetings from Harry Potter and The Hobbit book covers).


When the reader sees blue on the cover, they should expect mental tension and involvement because blue calms, balances, reduces pain, and gives a sense of relief.


Purple is one of the most mysterious colors, no doubt, and can give a very different feeling to the lightest or lightest shade of green. Light purple is associated with sensuality and spirituality, while dark purple is associated with abnormal activities, fantasy, and magic. Purple is one of the most mysterious colors, no doubt, and can give a very different feeling to the lightest or lightest shade of green.


Consider images of architecture, a strong urban and industrial vibe, and a strong street and building presence to convey the message of sophistication, knowledge, prestige, and wisdom.


Pink is associated with youth, playfulness, emotion, innocence, dreams, and desires; however, different shades of pink can appear weak, vulnerable, and a little silly, and it has been linked to a refusal to face real-life challenges (remember the rose-colored glasses proverb?).


White is pure, uncomplicated, self-sufficient, and simple; it is associated with spirituality, energizes, and purifies; it absorbs and neutralizes all other colors; and it is associated with emptiness, icy silence, and, ultimately, death.


Black evokes feelings of authority and power, but it is also linked to the dark side and depression. This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and mix colors, but understanding color theory and psychology can help you make better decisions.

How to choose a color for your book genre

Learn what colors are commonly associated with different genres by combining color psychology and color grammar in genres. When choosing a color palette, keep the following details in mind: color psychology, do not use more than three dominant colors on the book cover.

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Non-fiction: blue, yellow (or golden), orange and sometimes red

Designers prefer yellow, orange, blue, and red colors for nonfiction book covers because of the meaning they convey. Don’t be afraid to use white space; it makes a book cover more scannable and emphasizes the focus element for the audience.

Science fiction: Blue, Black, Green, Red, and Grey

Some sci-fi books use impossible fictional colors on their covers, according to an interesting theory: cool blues, purples, and some metallic greys will make the audience feel tense and unsettled.

Romance: Pink, Purple, Red, White, Blue

If your book is historical, erotic, or paranormal romance, you should use pink, purple, red, white, and blue as your color palette.

What is the most common book color?

Black is without a doubt the most serious color, connoting mystery, sophistication, and death. It is also one of the most popular book cover colors because it is a neutral that complements other colors.

What makes a best selling book cover?

Browse covers in your genre to see how text placement works in bestsellers. Title on top and largest font size. Subtitle underneath. Author name at the bottom.

  • Make the title stand out.
  • Brand you as an author. Be clear and easy to read.
  • Reflect and imply your genre.

What makes a book cover sell?

The cover doesn’t have to be “beautiful” to sell, nor does it have to be “unique,” “fancy,” or “unusual.” Nor does it have to “feel like you.” It just needs to communicate a few key pieces of information to readers: That it’s the book they’ve been waiting for!

What makes an attractive book cover?

Focusing on the big picture, strong composition, an intriguing focal point, and clear title and subtitles are all characteristics of a good book cover.

Which type of books sell best?

The most popular book genre varies depending on the format and situation; the bestselling and most profitable fiction book genre is romance.

What are the best Colour combinations?

Top 10 Color Schemes to Brighten Your Bedroom Walls

  • Brown and Cream.
  • Lavender and Off-white.
  • Light Blue and Radiant Yellow.
  • Shades of Grey.
  • Light brown and Muted Green.
  • Lime Green and Wisely Pink.
  • Peach and White.
  • Peach and White.
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How do you make a good book cover?

How to Pick a Fantastic Book Cover

  1. Choose the Right Font and Background Image.
  2. Make the Cover Personal.
  3. You Can Go Simple.
  4. Be Smart About Your Title. The title is one of the most important elements on your cover.
  5. Use a Teaser. Providing a teaser on the cover is a good strategy for manipulating the reader into buying your book.

How do you make a professional book cover?

In 7 easy steps, learn how to design a book cover.

  1. Choose your cover design software.
  2. Find free images or use Shutterstock.
  3. Decide on the dimensions of your cover.
  4. Get your typography right.
  5. Make sure you export the correct files.
  6. Test your designs.

How do you make a good book title?

The Three Most Common Characteristics of Effective Titles

  1. Evocative. Best-selling titles are frequently evocative and contain compelling wordplay and imagery.
  2. Memorable and unique. A good book title should be both memorable and unique.

Do cover artists read the books?

In this case, it’s up to the designer to speak with the book’s editor or, better yet, the author to get a sense of the book’s tone and temperature. I’m firmly in the camp of reading the book; the cover exists to serve the content, so the content must be considered.

What makes a book attractive?

A strong opening: A great book grabs readers from the first page and doesn’t let go until the end, which is why a strong opening is one of the most important elements of book writing. Good characters draw readers in by providing them with someone to love, hate, or identify with.

Why are books so important?

Books are essential in every student’s life because they introduce them to a world of imagination, provide knowledge of the outside world, improve their reading, writing, and speaking skills, and improve memory and intelligence.

What makes a great book?

A good book makes the reader feel, and it takes them on a compelling journey. A book that is well-written and tells a compelling story has a better chance of making a difference in people’s lives, but a book need only be good to the reader to make a difference in his life.

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