Question: What Books Did Ernest Shackleton Write?

What books were taken to the Antarctic 100 years ago?

He brought dictionaries, encyclopedias, and books about other perilous polar expeditions, including works by Dostoevsky, Shelley, and Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If.”

What did Ernest Shackleton write?

Early in 1914, Shackleton published details of his new expedition, dubbed the “Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition,” in the Daily Mail. According to legend, Shackleton’s newspaper article was written in a specific way to help him narrow down and select candidates for his expedition.

Is the book endurance true?

And they’re at the heart of filmmaker George Butler’s new documentary, “The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition,” which is based on Caroline Alexander’s book of the same name, and which outdoes any dramatic fiction on the market in terms of suspense.

What kind of book is endurance?

Endurance diary of Ernest Shackleton, 1915.

What was Shackleton’s boat called?

The Endurance ship, which went missing during Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated expedition in 1914-17, is believed to be sunk at the bottom of the Weddell Sea.

What was Shackleton’s goal?

Sir Ernest H. Shackleton and 27 men under his command set sail from South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic on the barque Endurance on December 5, 1914, with the goal of becoming the first to land on the Antarctic continent and cross it. The North Pole had been reached in 1909, and the South Pole in 1911.

Who is the author of Endurance?

The Endurance finally succumbs to the intense pressure and is slowly crushed at the end of October 1915; the crew, led by Shackleton, abandons ship and sets up camp on a massive floe of pack ice; the crew continues salvage operations over the next few weeks as the Endurance is slowly but completely crushed.

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Where does the book Endurance take place?

Ernest Shackleton, a polar explorer, boarded the Endurance in August 1914 and set sail for Antarctica, where he planned to walk across the last uncharted continent.

Who wrote Shackleton’s journey?

Part I Summary and Analysis Part I is the longest part of the book, with eight chapters, beginning with Chapter 1 recounting the crushing of Endurance by the pack ice and continuing with Chapters 2 through 8 recounting how the Endurance became trapped in the ice.

Who is the author of Night of 9th 10th April 1916?

Relive the brutally cold and increasingly dangerous days and nights of April 9sup>th/sup> to 15sup>th/sup>, 1916, in the following excerpts from a previously unpublished first-hand account written by Shackleton’s ski and motor-sledge expert, Thomas Orde-Lees.

When did Shackleton reach Antarctica?

Ernest Shackleton embarked on an expedition to the South Pole aboard his ship Nimrod in 1907, and came within 97 miles of succeeding. Sir Ernest Shackleton had his first taste of polar exploration when he traveled to the Antarctic with Robert Falcon Scott in 1901.

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