Often asked: What Spiritual Books Are On Blinkist?

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What can I read on Blinkist?

Blinkist’s library includes over 4,500 titles in 27 categories, including Self Improvement, Entrepreneurship, Parenting, Sex and Relationships, Management and Leadership, and many more.

Does Blinkist have novels?

Blinkist is a new service that claims to help you read books faster and u201clet learning into your life.u201d It claims to offer readers a faster way to consume more nonfiction titles, with over 3000 titles across 27 categories.

Is Karen Armstrong religious?

Armstrong, a former Catholic nun who abandoned her religious beliefs and describes herself as a “freelance monotheist” who draws inspiration from Buddhism, celebrates religious ideas and movements that oppose war and aggression and promote peace and reconciliation.

How do I find Blinkist books?

You can use the following search terms to find a title, author, or topic:

  1. Tap the ‘Explore’ icon.
  2. Type in the title, author, or topic you’re looking for.
  3. The results will appear below, and you can switch between Blinks, Shortcasts, and Audiobooks to see the various titles available. Related articles.

Is Blinkist worth the money?

Blinkist is well worth the investment if you plan on using it frequently; I find it intuitive to use, and there are plenty of options, such as a mobile app and audio summaries. Read the key takeaways from a book in under fifteen minutes.

Which is better Blinkist or headway?

Blinkist is the clear winner between the two, as most users have had positive experiences with the app’s easy-to-use interface and wide selection of nonfiction books. Additionally, Blinkist is the more cost-effective option.

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How can I read a Blinkist for free?

Simply click the Get Blinkist button to be redirected to the Blinkist website, where you’ll find an auto-generated voucher code to apply, create an account, and BOOM! 6 months of free book summaries!

Can you read full books on Blinkist?

Blinkist’s Main Features: Reading Summaries When you click on any title in your library, you’ll be taken to the first blink; as soon as it loads, the entire set of blinks is saved in your browser, so you can read the full summary even if you go offline.

Is Blinkist legal?

Blinkist drives sales by assisting readers in discovering what they’re looking for, or not looking for, in a book. They can’t use original covers or quote extensively without permission, but they want to do both and are now paying a 10% royalty fee for those rights.

What was wrong with Karen Armstrong?

Karen Armstrong was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, and after radiation treatment proved to be too much for her, the Armstrongs took her home, where she died of pneumonia a few months after her diagnosis, on Jan. 28, 1962, at the age of two and a half.

Why did Karen Armstrong leave the convent?

The break came after the order enrolled her at Oxford University to prepare her for a teaching position, where professors insisted she criticize and challenge things, in contrast to her pre-Vatican II nunnery, where unquestioning obedience was a watch phrase.

What happened to Karen Armstrong?

Karen Armstrong has called on people all over the world to help write a “Charter for Compassion” based on the Golden Rule, and she’s now collaborating with leaders from the Abrahamic faiths u2014 Islam, Christianity, and Judaism u2014 to help finalize and spread it.

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How many books are there on Blinkist?

How many books does Blinkist have? The Blinkist library has over 4,000 titles, and the team adds about 40 new titles per month.

How much is Blinkist per month?

A Premium Blinkist subscription costs $16 per month or $100 per year; the free seven-day trial is for the yearly plan (not monthly); if you don’t want the annual subscription, cancel it before the trial ends to avoid being charged.

Which is the best book summary app?

Apps that can help you get through your reading list

  • BookNotes Book Summaries: Lifetime Subscription u2014 $24.65.
  • Credit: SumizeIt. SumizeIt Book Summaries: Lifetime Membership u2014 $16.15.
  • Credit: getAbstract. getAbstract Book Summaries Starter Plan: 3-Year Subscription u2014 $84.99.
  • Credit: 12min.

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