Often asked: What Books Should I Read Gain Knowledge?

28 Great Books That Will Expand Your Knowledge and Open Your Mind

I stopped watching television three years ago and began devouring books, which have expanded my knowledge and opened my mind, allowing me to solve difficult problems and discover new interests, and, above all, bringing me closer to a meaningful and fulfilling path.

Books to Expand Your Knowledge and Open Your Mind

My life was changed by Viktor Frankl’s Holocaust book, in which he demonstrates that we have the ability to choose our response to every situation we face.

2. Meditations By Marcus Aurelius

Choose not to be harmed. Don’t feel harmedu2014and you haven’t been, says the Stoic founder of modern medicine in this life-changing collection of philosophical and spiritual thoughts from Marcus Aurelius, the former Roman Emperor.

3. Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind By Yuval Noah Harari

A truly unnatural behavior, one that goes against the laws of nature, simply cannot exist. Why it’s Great: It’s a refreshingly comprehensive, engaging, and scientific account of history that will help you become a better-informed person and leader.

4. The War Of Art By Steven Pressfield

Why it’s Great: Pressfield prepares and inspires creatives to survive and thrive in the difficult journey of producing good work in the face of opposition.

5. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*Ck By Mark Manson

Author Mark Manson shares his ideas on how to live a better life, believing that once we accept the fact of death, we can more freely choose our values.

6. Getting More: How You Can Negotiate To Succeed In Work And Life By Stuart Diamond

“People do some of the most important things in life not for money, not for rational benefits, but for how it makes them feel.” This is a fantastic introduction to negotiation that will arm you with the knowledge and strategies to help you get more out of your work and life.

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7. A Random Walk Down Wall Street: Including A Life-Cycle Guide To Personal Investing By Burton Malkiel

Adversity can harden you, or it can loosen you up and make you betteru2014if you let it. This book combines history, economics, and behavioral finance to offer practical and actionable advice for investing and achieving financial freedom.

9. When Breath Becomes Air By Paul Kalanithi

The unanswerable and difficult question of what makes life meaningful is confronted by award-winning neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi. Reviewer’s Rating: 9/10. Why it’s Great:. While dying of lung cancer, neurosurgery is the only thing that gives a dying man hope.

10. Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead And Win By Jocko Willink And Leif Babin

Two Navy SEALs share their tips on how to be a better leader, with a 9/10 rating from the reviewer.

11. 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos By Jordan Peterson

“Conscious human malevolence can break the spirit that even tragedy could not shake.” Rating: 9/10. Why it’s Great.

12. Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance By Robert Pirsig

The latest book by award-winning author Robert Pirsig is about a man on a motorcycle trip with his son, and it takes us on a deeply philosophical journey that explores society, values, and life’s big questions.

13. Shoe Dog By Phil Knight

Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, discusses how he built a multibillion-dollar shoe company, saying, “Don’t tell people how to do things; tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”

14. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less By Greg McKeown

Play expands our minds in ways that allow us to explore; it makes us more inquisitive, more attuned to novelty, and more engaged; it is essential to living the Essentialist way.

15. Give And Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success By Adam Grant

Rating: 9/10,. Why it’s Great:. Adam Grant demonstrates how being a giver in our attitudes and actions toward others can fuel our long-term personal and professional success.

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16. Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins

Leading life and business strategist Tony Robbins’ new book is an invaluable guide to mastering your mind, body, emotions, and finances. “All too often, the security of a mediocre present is more comfortable than the adventure of trying to be more in the future.”

17. The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg 

“The Water is Life” is a digestible, comprehensive, and transformative guide for people who want to change their perspective on the world.

Does reading books increase your knowledge?

Reading expands knowledge Reading is one of the most common ways to gain knowledge, and the knowledge you gain is cumulative and grows exponentially. When you have a strong knowledge base, it’s easier to learn new things and solve new problems. Reading a variety of books will help you expand your general knowledge.

What books should I read to improve?

There are nine excellent novels to help you improve your English.

  • Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie. Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity. Lois Lowry’s The Giver. Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox.

Does reading books increase IQ?

It improves intelligence: exposure to vocabulary through reading (especially children’s books) leads to higher scores on reading tests as well as general intelligence tests for children; additionally, stronger early reading skills may mean higher intelligence later in life.

What are the 5 benefits of reading?

The Advantages of Reading Books

  • Reading Helps You Sleep Better.
  • Reading Sets an Example for Kids. Reading is a way to escape your own life and can transport you to faraway lands, other times, and put you in other people’s shoes.
  • Reading Keeps Your Brain Healthy.
  • Reading Reduces Stress.
  • Reading Helps You Sleep Better.
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Can I improve my English by reading books?

Reading books and novels appropriate for your level can help you build vocabulary, improve grammar, and sharpen your writing skills. While reading does not directly affect your spoken English, it can help you improve it to some extent through better vocabulary, reading out loud, and a deeper knowledge base.

Does reading rewire your brain?

Reading isn’t just a way to cram facts into your head; it’s also a way to rewire the way your brain works in general, improving your ability to imagine alternative paths, recall details, visualize detailed scenes, and solve complex problems.

Does reading help memory?

Reading can help you improve your memory and concentration while also relieving stress, as brain-stimulating activities such as reading have been shown to slow cognitive decline in old age in people who engaged in more mentally stimulating activities throughout their lives.

Can too much reading affect the brain?

Reading is a beneficial activity, but reading too much can reduce your brain’s productivity, especially if no new meanings are created. Because the brain prefers meaning, information that you can connect with your experiences will stick with you longer than information that you don’t.

What are 10 benefits of reading?

Why Should You Read Every Day? There are ten reasons why you should read every day.

  • Knowledge.
  • Vocabulary Expansion.
  • Memory Improvement.
  • Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills.
  • Improved Focus and Concentration.
  • Better Writing Skills.

Why are books so important?

Books are essential in every student’s life because they introduce them to a world of imagination, provide knowledge of the outside world, improve their reading, writing, and speaking skills, and improve memory and intelligence.

What are the advantages of reading books?

The Benefits of Reading Books: How They Can Improve Your Life

  • Increases empathy.
  • Increases vocabulary.
  • Prevents cognitive decline.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Aids sleep.
  • Alleviates depression.
  • Longevity.

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