Often asked: What Books Link Up With Cujo?


Cujo is a psychological horror novel about a rabid Saint Bernard written by American writer Stephen King in 1981, which won the British Fantasy Award in 1982[1] and was adapted into a film in 1983.


At the time, King also owned a faulty Ford Pinto, the same model of car that the protagonist of the novel drives to the mechanic’s garage to meet Cujo.


There are no chapter headings, but breaks between passages indicate when the narration switches to a different perspective. Cujo attacks and kills Sheriff George Bannerman, but Donna battles and kills him.


Cujo makes many references to former Castle Rock police officer Frank Dodd, who was discovered to be the “Castle Rock Strangler,” a serial killer, when Donna Trenton’s husband Vic is on a business trip when his wife and son run into him at the Camber auto shop.

Critical reception

Between 1990 and 1999, the 1981 novel Cujo was the 49th most banned and challenged book in the United States, with some critics criticizing the novel’s ending; however, the 1983 film adaptation, Cujo, featured a more optimistic conclusion than the original novel’s cliffhanger.

Allusions and connections to other King novels

Cujo is mentioned in a number of other novels by King, including Needful Things, The Body, The Dark Half, and Pet Sematary, and is mentioned as a character in several others.

What inspired Cujo?

According to his website, the inspiration for Cujo came from a night in the spring of 1977, when mechanic King was riding his motorcycle to a house in the middle of nowhere where he met a giant St. Bernard who didn’t like the visitor at all.

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Is Cujo the book appropriate?

There is a moderate amount of violence, so it is suitable for teenagers but not for children.

How does Cujo the book end?

SPOILER ALERT: The Cujo novel ends with a shocking twist: Donna kills her canine oppressor moments before being rescued by her husband, Vic, only to discover that little Tad has died in the back seat of their Pinto after succumbing to prolonged trauma and dehydration.

Why was Cujo banned?

Parents from New York to Mississippi have demanded the book’s removal from libraries and schools, citing rough language, explicit sex scenes, profanity, and violence as reasons to ban it.

What was wrong with Cujo?

Cujo was bitten by a bat and contracted rabies as a result; for the next few days, he became extremely bloodthirsty and dangerous, killing Gary Pervier and his owner, Joe Camber.

Did they use a real dog in Cujo?

Five different Saint Bernards were used in the film’s production, along with a mechanical head replica and a man dressed as a dog.

Is Cujo a real story?

Cujo (/kjudo/) is a psychological horror novel about a rabid Saint Bernard written by American writer Stephen King in 1981, which won the British Fantasy Award in 1982 and was adapted into a film in 1983.

What does Cujo mean in English?

He yelled at the driver whose car was blocking the street in British English. American English: whose /huz/ PRONOUN. You use whose to explain who something belongs to.

Why is Cujo 18?

Occasional profanity, including the use of the word “f–k” during a climactic scene by two drunk men talking about watching “dirty movies” and picking up women.

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Is Acotar appropriate for a 13 year old?

Not for children, but otherwise a fun fantasy series I could see a younger child in the 13-15 age range reading this if all the sex scenes were removed (which are quite descriptive, and just get more descriptive with each passing book).

Will there be a Cujo remake?

They’re remaking Cujo (don’t judge just yet), and the new film will be called C.U.J.O. The title alone suggests a plot involving military dog breeding or something, and the press release announcing the film also stated that DJ Perry will star.

How was Cujo killed?

Donna realizes that Tad is dying and that she must act, so she gets out of her car one last time and confronts Cujo with Brett’s baseball bat, breaking it over his head and fatally stabbing him in the eye with the broken end.

What kind of dog was Benji?

Benji was owned by renowned animal trainer Frank Inn, who was a 100% mutt, a mix of cocker spaniel, schnauzer, and poodle. Inn worked with the dog until Higgins was ready for the dog’s first role in 1963 (Petticoat Junction), and then responsibly retired the dog when Higgins turned 14.

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