Often asked: What Books Do You Get In Aa?

The Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous Outlines How It Works

The Big Book is the original 12-step recovery program’s textbook, written by Bill W., the group’s founder, and many of the group’s first 100 members. Many long-time members hold The Big Book in the same regard as the Holy Bible.
The 12 steps to recovery from alcoholism are contained in Alcoholics Anonymous’ “The Big Book,” which author Julian Zelizer says has become a life-long companion for many who have followed its guidelines. The book’s message is that the only way to recover from the effects of alcoholism is to follow the steps. Here are the steps we took to overcome our alcohol addictions.

What books do you need for AA?


  • Bill’s Story – (pp. 1-16)
  • There Is a Solution – (pp. 17-29)
  • More About Alcoholism – (pp. 30-43)
  • We Agnostics – (pp. 44-57)
  • How It Works – (pp. 72-88)
  • Working With Others – (pp. 89-103)
  • To Wives – (pp. 104-121)

Does AA have a book?

The Big Book was first published in 1939 by AA founders Bill W. and Dr. Bob, and it serves as the basic text of the organization. It has been reprinted and revised numerous times, as well as translated into dozens of languages; the second edition (1955) had 1,150,000 copies.

What does Big Book mean in AA?

The Big Book study Alcoholics Anonymous’ main text, also known as Alcoholics Anonymous, but affectionately known as The Big Book, is often organized in order to read and discuss the book, in the hopes of giving newcomers an understanding of the alcoholic’s problem and the solution being presented.

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What is the latest edition of the AA Big Book?

The Big Book, also known as the fourth edition of Alcoholics Anonymous, contains twenty-four new stories and continues to spread AA’s message of hope and recovery to millions of people.

What is the AA Blue book?

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism (commonly known as The Big Book) is a 1939 basic text written by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Bill W. and Dr. Bob. It describes how to recover from alcoholism.

Can you download the AA book?

Individuals can download a single copy of a book or pamphlet for personal use from aa.org, and some pamphlets can be printed in single copies, as indicated on the website.

What is the AA book called?

The textbook for the original 12-step recovery program now known as “Alcoholics Anonymous,” affectionately known by members as “The Big Book,” is the book “Alcoholics Anonymous.”

How many times is God mentioned in the AA Big Book?

The idea of making any changes to the book is unthinkable to AA’s leadership and members, so the “official” AA program continues to rely on the divine, sacred, and religious. The word “God,” or a variant of “Him,” appears 281 times in the first 164 pages of the Big Book.

How many pages is the AA Big Book?

What’s in the AA Big Book? The AA Big Book is over 400 pages long and contains numerous chapters, some of which are geared toward specific audiences and others which are more general.

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Do you have to speak AA?

The answer to your question is a resounding no; you are not required to speak in AA meetings. You may want to start with open meetings and then progress to “closed” meetings, which are only open to alcoholics or those who suspect they may have a problem.

What is the success rate of recovery in AA?

There is now a large body of evidence examining the success rate of AA, which is estimated to be between 5 and 10%.

Is there an updated AA book?

This reader-friendly revision of the old, basic text carries the exact same message as the 1939 version of “Alcoholics Anonymous.” It’s written in a style that’s friendly to readers of any gender, race, or spiritual path.

Is there an app for AA Big Book?

Whether you’re new to AA or a seasoned veteran, the Big Book is the easiest and most useful app to aid in your recovery. The free version includes the full text of the Big Book, prayers, personal stories, podcasts, a meeting finder, and more!

What is the big book for alcoholics?

In recovery circles, Alcoholics Anonymous (also known as the Big Book) lays out the foundations of recovery from alcoholism and tells the stories of men and women who have overcome the disease.

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