Often asked: What Books Are Crookedstar From?


Crookedstar was a RiverClan leader in the forest territories, born as Stormkit to Rainflower and Shellheart alongside his brother, Oakkit. Crookedstar is a huge, light brown tabby tom[17] with green eyes and a twisted jaw.

The Prophecies Begin

When the river floods, Crookedstar’s Clan is forced to flee their camp, and he forms an alliance with ShadowClan when WindClan returns. Crookedstar’s only daughter, Silverstream, begins meeting Graystripe in secret.

Super Editions

Crookedkit tries to contact StarClan at the Moonstone, but is stopped by Mapleshade, who visits him in a dream, and Crookedjaw is chosen to succeed Shellheart after Mapleshade fabricates an omen by breaking a squirrel’s jaw. Crookedstar takes over leadership after the death of Shellheart.

Detailed description

Crookedstar is a large, glossy, thick-furred light brown tabby cat with a pale brown belly and emerald eyes, as well as a nick in his ear, a twisted jaw, and a small bump on his head.


Crookedkit’s renaming ceremony: Crookedkit, I’m sorry you’ve been through so much. Crookedpaw’s apprentice ceremony: Crookedpaw, I want you to be part of the patrol that resets the borders beyond Sunningrocks, and you will be RiverClan’s deputy from now on. Hailstar: Welcome to StarClan. Crookedjaw: I’m walking alone now. Shellheart: Your ancestors will always walk alongside you


Rainflower and Shellheart are Crookedstar’s parents, and Willowbreeze is his mate; their children are Silverstream, Willowkit, and Minnowkit.


Did you know that because he broke his jaw so young and learned to speak with it, Crookedstar most likely didn’t have a speech problem?


Crookedjaw says, “My Clan means more to me than anything in the world.” Mapleshade says, “You’ll have to make sacrifices, your life is not your own.” Oakheart says, “How can you lead a Clan when you won’t even take responsibility for your own kit?”

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Is Crookedstar in the dark forest?

Crookedstar was a RiverClan leader in the forest territories, having been born as Stormkit to Rainflower and Shellheart alongside his brother, Oakkit. After learning Mapleshade was from the Dark Forest, Crookedjaw cut ties with her.

How did Crookedstar get a crooked jaw?

Crookedstar u2013 Born Stormkit, Crookedstar’s jaw was broken when he smashed it against the stepping stones while returning from Sunning Rocks, prompting his mother Rainflower to mock him and rename him Crookedkit.

What promises Crookedstar made?

Crookedkit will have everything he wants if he pledges his undying loyalty to RiverClan, but no cat could have predicted the terror and destruction that would be unleashed by one hastily made, seemingly harmless promise.

Are Appledusk and Crookedstar related?

When Mapleshade furiously explains to Crookedstar why she is in the Dark Forest, Appledusk is mentioned by name, but not by name. After that, Appledusk took a mate from his own Clan, and they had a daughter, who eventually gave birth to Shellheart.

Who killed Graypool?

Graypool slipped and hit her head on a rock, dying instantly. Fireheart discovered her and alerted Graystripe and Mistyfoot, who mourned her back in RiverClan’s camp. Graypool then ascended to StarClan and gave one of her nine lives to Mistystar.

Is Tallstar a girl or boy?

Tallstar is a large black-and-white tom with a long, thin black tail, a white muzzle with gray fur, short, thick fur, and amber eyes.

Is Yellowfang a girl or a boy?

Yellowfang is a dark gray she-cat with orange eyes, a broad, flattened face, and long, matted fur who once served as a ThunderClan medicine cat in the forest territories under Bluestar’s leadership.

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Is Jayfeather still alive?

With the death of Leafpool, Jayfeather is now ThunderClan’s head medicine cat, and he’s still grumpy.

Which cat gave StarClan its name?

When Stargazer died, he created the heaven for cats and named it StarClan, after his daughter Star and possibly himself, though I don’t think he’d be that greedy.

Who is Fallowtails mate?

Reedfeather is the deputy of WindClan and the mate of Fallowtail, a RiverClan she-cat, despite the warrior code prohibiting them from doing so.

What was Leopardstar warrior name?

Leopardfur earned her warrior name after demonstrating fierce loyalty to RiverClan and eventually becoming deputy after Oakheart’s death, while also becoming a mother figure to her apprentice Whiteclaw, the son of her best friend Sunfish.

Who killed Reedshine?

Reedshine supported her mate’s vow of loyalty to RiverClan when she discovered Appledusk’s affair with Mapleshade, which resulted in the death of their kits. Mapleshade attacked Reedshine, but Appledusk saved her by getting the killing blow.

Is mapleshade good or bad?

Mapleshade isn’t truly evil; it all started when Ravenwing revealed that her kits were actually Appledusk’s, and she was expelled from the Clan as a result. She isn’t evil simply because she had children with a RiverClan warrior.

Does Cinderpelt go to StarClan?

Cinderpelt is in StarClan with Brambleclaw, who is about to receive his nine lives, and she claims it took her a long time to get there.

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