How To Send Books To Prisoners? (Solution found)

Because convicts are unable to sign for book packages, most correctional facilities in the United States demand that you send books through the United States Postal Service (USPS) rather than other means. Reading material can also be sent directly from a publisher such as Barnes and Noble or an approved online seller such as Amazon to the prisoner.
What is the best way to get literature to inmates?

  • When sending books to convicts, what method do you use?

Does Amazon ship books to prisons?

What method do you use to send books to inmates?

Can you give a book to a prisoner?

This website has a list of prisons that accept books. Dictionary, African American Studies, graphic novels, business books, exam preparation, games and puzzles, writing resources, and other materials are in the greatest demand.

How do I send books to prisoners on Amazon?

The remedy is straightforward: simply write down the initials of the correctional facility as a PO number, and they will be required to mail it by USPS. Make careful to check with the jail ahead of time to see whether they have a post office box. Because your order cannot be anonymous, the following information should be included in your Amazon parcel: The entire name and ID number of the inmate.

How do you send care packages to inmates?


  1. DISCOVER THE LOCATION OF YOUR LOVED ONE. Click on the “Find a Prisoner” option and enter the first name, last name, or inmate number of the person you’re looking for. SELECT YOUR iCARE GIFT.
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How can you donate to prisoners?

If you would want to support the Prisoners Literature Project, there are three major ways you may do so: financially by contributing money, purchasing books from our wishlist, or donating books to us personally.

Can prisoners send gifts?

Is it possible to send or deliver a gift to an inmate directly? Remember that you will never be permitted to mail a gift personally or to bring one inside the jail during inmate visitation hours. The jail authorities will only accept parcels that have been shipped by a third-party vendor or supplier who has been authorised by them.

What can you send to prisoners?

Our list of the top five items to include in a prisoner’s care box includes the following:

  1. Letters and messages are sent and received. As reported by, writing correspondence is the number one most effective technique to assist your loved one feel more connected to his or her home. Commissary money
  2. photographs
  3. books, magazines, and newspapers
  4. and commemorative cards

Can you send hardcover books to inmates?

Sending Books to Federal Prisons Is Subject to Certain Rules It is possible to send magazines, newspaper clippings, and both paperback and hardback books to federal inmates who are imprisoned in low- and minimum-security institutions. Unless otherwise specified, the products must be shipped directly from the publisher or a bookstore; shipping secondhand books from your house is absolutely prohibited.

Does Barnes and Noble ship USPS?

“@Dobrevs11” is the handle for B N Customer Care on Twitter. Barnes & Noble sends packages via UPS, USPS, and Lasership, among other carriers.

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What is an iCare package?

iCare packages for convicts provide everything you need to show them you care, and you can shop with confidence and know that your order will be delivered to the correct location. Your donation will be sent to the institution since all inmate care package programs and iCare fresh meals have been pre-approved by the facility.

Can I buy Keefe products outside of jail?

A series of exclusive contracts with correctional facilities have been established by Keefe & Company. Acquire orders submitted on jail or prison stationary must be submitted in order to purchase this goods, as well as a variety of other products that they offer. They do not sell their products to the general public.

Where can I order inmate packages?

Since 1991, Union Supply Direct has provided family members and friends with the chance to send parcels to convicts all around the United States through their website.

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