How To Send Books To Inmates? (Solution)

Because convicts are unable to sign for book packages, most correctional facilities in the United States demand that you send books through the United States Postal Service (USPS) rather than other means. Reading material can also be sent directly from a publisher such as Barnes and Noble or an approved online seller such as Amazon to the prisoner.
Is it possible for prisoners to get books through the mail?

  • Books sent to convicts via mail are permitted.

Can you send books from Amazon to inmates?

By inputting the prisoner’s unit and inmate number onto the Amazon order page, Amazon users may send books and periodicals to convicts. Clients are welcome to send books and periodicals to the jail as long as they do not include portrayals of sexual material, racism, violence, or any other content that may be deemed a trigger for convicts.

Does Amazon deliver to jails? delivers delivery to correctional facilities. Please call the jail beforehand to ensure that deliveries will be accepted, as well as to inquire about any particular policies that may be in place. The label on the outside of the package should simply include the destination address, the name of the firm, and the location where the box will be returned.

What kind of books can you send to jail?

While paperbacks are favored, hardbound books are also permitted – with the exception of convicts in segregation, who can only get paperback books. Periodicals are publications that are published on a regular basis (Limit of 2 per day) Magazines, newspapers, and other publications must be brand new and submitted straight from the publisher or a bookshop to be eligible for the contest.

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How do you send care packages to inmates?



How do I send magazines to inmates?

How to Distribute Magazines to Prisoners

  1. Go to the Amazon order page.
  2. Enter the complete name of your prisoner in the appropriate field. Enter the prisoner’s unit and inmate number in the appropriate fields. Please include the location of the correctional facility.
  3. Choose the city and state that you want to visit. Check the box to indicate that you want to give a gift. Select your preferred method of delivery. To place an order, click on Place Your Order.

How do I send a Bible to an inmate?

Once the books have arrived, they should be sent straight to the jail via USPS. The remedy is straightforward: simply write down the initials of the correctional facility as a PO number, and they will be required to mail it by USPS.

  1. The entire name and ID number of the inmate
  2. the PO box number and the initials of the institution
  3. the destination address
  4. and the return address.

How do I send books to prisoners UK?

Sending Books to Prisoners: A Checklist for Sending Books:

  1. There will be no hardback books. Send a package directly to the HM Prison The Verne from Amazon UK. Only send fresh books to those who are currently in prison. Never ship magazines to a prisoner before receiving approval from the Prison Mail Room. It should always be addressed to the Prison’s PO Box, if one is available.

Do prisoners like getting letters?

Yes, convicts like receiving correspondence in the mail. It brightens their day to know that they haven’t gone completely forgotten.

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Can prisoners send gifts?

It is true that convicts like receiving correspondence in the mail. To know that they are not forgotten brightens their day.

Why can’t prisoners have pictures of themselves?

Yes, convicts like receiving letters in the mail. It brightens their day to know that they are not forgotten.

What is an iCare package?

iCare packages for convicts provide everything you need to show them you care, and you can shop with confidence and know that your order will be delivered to the correct location. Your donation will be sent to the institution since all inmate care package programs and iCare fresh meals have been pre-approved by the facility.

Where can I order inmate packages?

Since 1991, Union Supply Direct has provided family members and friends with the chance to send parcels to convicts all around the United States through their website.

Can I buy Keefe products outside of jail?

A series of exclusive contracts with correctional facilities have been established by Keefe & Company. Acquire orders submitted on jail or prison stationary must be submitted in order to purchase this goods, as well as a variety of other products that they offer. They do not sell their products to the general public.

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