How Many Humphrey Books Are There?

This series consists of a total of 12 volumes. Choose the quantity of goods you wish to purchase from the drop-down menu.
What is the total number of books that Humphrey the hamster owns?

  • Keep an eye out for all twelve of Humphrey’s exploits! The fourth book in the popular and award-winning school hamster series is finally available! Normally, a classroom hamster has to be prepared for everything, but Humphrey’s environment is now full of BIG surprises, and there are LOTS-LOTS-LOTS of them! For example, a new hamster ball might be really thrilling.

Do the Humphrey books go in order?

Because of this, the stories are sequential in terms of character development, but the primary narratives are generally autonomous from one another across the books. Reading them in chronological sequence is usually better, although it is not required.

What level are the Humphrey books?

The lexile range for the Humphrey series is around 640-730, which corresponds to a reading level equivalent to 3rd-5th grade, regardless of your child’s chronological age at the time of publication.

Are Humphrey books chapter books?

A new series of chapter novels starring Birney Humphrey, everyone’s favorite classroom pet, is now available for younger readers. Each trip is jam-packed with hamster-iffic humor, companionship, and good times.

What is the 2 Book of Humphrey?

Betty G. Birney’s Friendship According to Humphrey (Humphrey Series #2) is available in paperback from Barnes & Noble.

What reading level is the I Survived series?

With the I Survived book series, you can bring history to life for students in grades 2 through 7. When history is recounted through the perspective of characters their own age, it becomes significantly more relevant to students and teachers.

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What grade level is A to Z Mysteries?

A to Z Mysteries I is for students in grades 3-5.

What level is Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

The intended audience consists of children in third through seventh grades, or ages 8 to 12. However, this series is being read and discussed by a large number of children who do not fit within that age range. What exactly is it about? Greg is a thin middle school kid who finds himself at the bottom of the social pecking order, and the story revolves on his escapades at school and at home.

How many words are in the World According to Humphrey?

According to our calculations, the According to Humphrey Series has 670,995 words.

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