How Long Are Audio Books?

The duration of an audiobook will determine the size of the audiobook file. The typical size of audiobook files is 28 MB per hour, and most audiobooks are roughly 10 hours long, requiring a total of 280 MB. The file size will increase proportionally to the length of your audiobook.
What is the average time it takes to download an audio book?

  • What you may expect to see depends on the speed of your internet connection, how long the book is, and what format the book is presented in. For instance, a six-hour audiobook in MP3 format is around 90MB in size. If you have a 2Mb/sec broadband connection, it should take you little more than six minutes to download this file.

How long is an average audiobook?

Understand the averages The typical audiobook has 100,000 words, or around 11 hours of listening time (55 words a minute, 9300 per finished hour). It takes between four and six hours to finish one hour of full audio, or between 44 and 66 hours to complete one book.

Do audiobooks take longer than reading?

An audiobook does not go at a quicker pace than reading. When reading a book, the typical reader reads 200 to 400 words per minute, however when listening to an audiobook at the recorded pace, the average reader reads 150-160 words per minute. In most cases, people choose to listen to an audiobook because of the additional advantages it provides, rather than because of the pace.

How many pages is a 4 hour audio book?

Given that the typical reader can read around one page per minute (at a rate of 250 words per page), I would guess that an hour of audio book would cover approximately 40–50 pages.

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How long is a good audiobook?

The majority of audiobooks are narrated at a rate of around 155 words per minute. In other words, if you know the book’s word count, you can predict how long it will be as an audiobook! In actuality, most audiobooks are longer than 6 hours, with some reaching up to 12 hours in length.

How long is a 60000 word audio book?

The typical length of an audiobook is 60,000 words, which leads in a recording that is around 6.5 hours long, or 6.5 completed hours. According to the quantity of words in the text, the length of time required to record an audiobook varies.

Are audible books shorter?

This is primarily based on personal experience, so take it for what it’s worth. Audiobooks are just the audio rendition of a book in its entirety. There isn’t any distinction between the two.

How fast can audible read?

An audiobook moves along at a rate of around 150-160 words per minute when not played at chipmunk speed (wpm). The average reader reads words on a page at a rate of around 300 words per minute (wpm).

How many words is a 3 hour audiobook?

Information about Audiobook Recording at a Basic Level It often takes twice as long to record as it does to produce the final output. It usually takes twice as long to edit as it does to film a video. For example, a 30,000-word book will be a 3-hour audiobook, requiring around 6 hours of recording time and an additional 6-12 hours of labor (for a total of 12-20 hours of effort).

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How long is a 350 page audio book?

The typical reader reports that a 350-page audiobook will be around 10 hours of audio, and that it will take approximately 35 hours to record and edit.

How many hours is a 500 page audiobook?

Average readers will take around 13.9 hours to read 500 pages, according to the answer.

Are audio books the full book?

An abridged audiobook is a condensed version of a longer work of literature. An unabridged audiobook contains all of the original content of the book – the entire shebang, in other words.

Are Audible books full length?

Audiobooks may go for hours on end. The average length of an audiobook is ten hours and forty minutes. When you download an Audible audiobook in good quality, it takes up around 28-30 MB of space for each hour of listening time.

What’s the longest audiobook?

This audio book, named ‘Shree Haricharitramrut Sagar’, is 146,444 minutes and 52 seconds in length. It was recorded by Gyanjivandasji Swami and Ishwarcharandasji Swami (both from India) and published on October 27, 2017, making it the world’s longest audio book.

How long is Shantaram audiobook?

There are 42 hours and 59 minutes in total to listen to the audiobook, which is unabridged. Shantaram, Roberts’ first novel, is based on his adventures as a fugitive in the Bombay underworld, and it has sold 398,994 copies according to Nielsen BookScan sales figures.

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