FAQ: What Type Of Books Do Zane Write?


Zane selects the most clever and bold male and female writers to deliver a collection unlike any other. Honey Flava features an erotic feast of short stories featuring an African American and Asian mix of sexy characters.

What kind of books do Zane write?

Afterburn, The Heat Seekers, Dear G-Spot, Gettin’ Buck Wild, The Hot Box, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Nervous, Skyscraper, Love is Never Painless, Shame on It All, and The Sisters of APF are among Zane’s New York Times bestselling novels, as well as the ebook short stories “I’ll be Home for Christmas” and “Everything Fades Away.”

Are Zane books non fiction?

Zane is the author of the APF series, which includes the books The Sisters of APF and the thrilling and fun sequel Head Bangers: An APF Sexcapade, as well as a nonfiction book published in 2007.

Do Zane still write books?

Despite having no prior knowledge of the genre, Zane has forged a successful writing career that includes over three dozen books published and millions of copies sold, despite the fact that she has been dubbed “queen of erotica” by numerous publications.

What happened to Zane the writer?

Zane, a best-selling author who has sold millions of steamy novels and is listed as an executive producer on a new film based on one of her books, “Addicted,” filed for bankruptcy in June, months after being named Maryland’s top individual tax cheat.

Is Zane a real name?

Zane is a given name or a surname that comes from the Venetian form of Gianni or an alternate spelling of the German and Jewish names Zahn. It became popular as a given name in the early twentieth century thanks to American writer Zane Grey.

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Is Zane a man?

Kristina Laferne Roberts is the pseudonym of Zane (born 1966/1967), an erotic fiction novelist best known for her novel Addicted.

Who is Zane books?

Zane is a pseudonym for Kristina Laferne Roberts, an American erotic fiction writer who was born in Washington, D.C. Zane worked as a sales representative in North Carolina before starting her writing career. She began writing erotic stories in 1997 to pass the time after her children went to bed.

How old is the author Zane?

In 1967, I was 54 years old.

Who wrote the book G spot?

No, zane isn’t a word that exists in the scrabble dictionary.

Who is Zane’s literary agent?

Sara Camilli, Zane’s literary agent, is not surprised by her success.

What is a Zane?

Zane Grey was the great-grandson of Ebenezer Zane, the founder of Zanesville, Ohio, the town where the writer was born, and the name Zane has been on the popularity list since 1921, when such Zane Grey novels as The Riders of the Purple Sage were published.

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